Stick with Deerfield

This campaign ended on November 11, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Deerfield Academy by clicking here!

Here's your chance to Stick with Deerfield!

From November 1-10, make a donation to one of five different projects impacting the Deerfield experience for our current students.

Student Feeds: $2,500

Supplemental Financial Aid: $2,500

Athletics Uniforms: $2,500

Student Service Project: $2,500

Campus Speaker Series: $2,500

Student Feeds
In the fast-paced Deerfield world, downtime on the hall brings students and teachers together. It’s a time to share, laugh, tell stories, and relax. From John Louis to John Williams, students gather at the end of a long day to enjoy each other’s company--and dig in. 

With a gift today, you'll help serve up this hearty DA tradition!

Supplemental Financial Aid

Not to be confused with Financial Aid--which is designed to cover tuition--Supplemental Aid covers a range of critical needs, including winter coats and boots, travel to and from a student’s home, eyeglasses, music lessons, and health insurance, among other essential areas.

Financial Aid makes it possible for students to attend Deerfield. Supplemental Aid makes it possible for them to fully participate in Deerfield life.

Open the Deerfield door with your gift!

Athletics Uniforms

He’s been keeping us going for about 40 years, but even Norm can’t prevent our uniforms from ripping, tearing, and fading. So will you be a game changer and help the Big Green suit up this year?

Wearing new uniforms that you help provide, our players will run faster and jump higher. They’ll “Fight down the fields of green.”

Thanks for rallying with your gift!

Student Service Project

Every year, Deerfield students travel to the Dominican Republic and team up with local volunteers to build a house for a Dominican family.

When work begins on Sunday morning, the house will be one cinderblock high. By Thursday afternoon, the house will be finished--complete with running water and electricity.

Students give a lot and gain a lot when they leave the comforts of campus. Your gift will go a long way to helping them make a difference in the wider world.

Thanks for your foundational support!

Campus Speaker Series

In spite of an increasingly-connected world, Deerfield can still feel like a bubble sometimes.

To bring the outside world in, and to illuminate issues students encounter on campus, we aim to invite speakers from a variety of disciplines to Deerfield. A range of voices--from science, journalism, technology, the arts, politics, and law--will broaden the student experience.

Speak up with your gift today!



Designation Leaderboard

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal ($)%
Where Needed Most 355$15,36000
Supplemental Financial Aid 95$3,763$2,500150.5%
Athletics Uniforms 39$1,596$2,50063.9%
Student Feeds 40$1,270$2,50050.8%
Campus Speaker Series 28$996$2,50039.9%
Student Service Project 13$250$2,50010.0%

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
2016 55$2,503
2005 29$2,335
2006 21$2,300
2017 75$1,853
2007 26$1,730
2014 42$1,645
2008 31$1,576
2010 41$1,546
2018 74$1,505
2009 36$1,385
2015 43$1,339
2011 29$1,151
2012 31$800
2013 30$583
1994 1$10

Donor affiliations

99% Alumni

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1% Students

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2% Parents

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Donor list

Arleen Y Chien
Vernon Jackson Jr.
Elizabeth Schieffelin
Ivan Cruz
Graeme D Harcourt
Caroline Wood
Elizabeth Wood
Allison Griffis
Davis A. Rosborough
James M Nilles
Phillip Chung
Ileana Glyptis
William Lahart
Elizabeth Tubridy
Grace H. Lee
Emily B. Wood
Ellen Scott
Cameron O'Connell
David Walker
Geoffrey E Curfman
Charles E. Jones
Niko, A, Grupen
Patrick S Mahoney
Chloe So
Matthew Marchand
Alexandra Nagurney
Natasha Viswanathan
Meredith Kotowski Scala
DeAndre I Byrd
Madisen Summer Siegel
Sarah J Cox
Gillian Grossman
Kent E Daiber Jr
Patrick Hadley
Andrew Hadley
Katherine Hadley
Elizabeth Byrne photoElizabeth Byrne
Jamal R Piper
Jack H Lambert

Abby Cacho matched $1
An Anonymous Donor matched $50
An Anonymous Donor matched $100
Elisa Manrique photoElisa Manrique matched $16
Margaret McGraw matched $100
Madeleine R Blake matched $100
An Anonymous Donor matched $200
Caroline Quazzo photoCaroline Quazzo matched $210
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