One Deerfield 2023

110% of 1,000 Donor goal
This campaign ended on March 02, 2023, but you can still make a gift to Deerfield Academy by clicking here!
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West Hubbard photoWest Hubbard matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $300Just for Class of 2010

One Thousand Donors.
One Deerfield 2023.

How to get involved this Day of Giving:

Make a Gift! (all donors who give between now and noon EST on March 2 will receive exclusive hand-illustrated prints of iconic spots on Deerfield's campus!)
How: Select the green "Give Now!" button or click here

Become a Day of Giving Advocate (signing up takes two minutes or less!)
In just a few clicks, you can create a GiveCampus account (if you don't already have one) and gain the ability to track your impact! See how many clicks, gifts, and dollars your outreach generates.
How: Sign up through the "Advocacy Dashboard" at the very bottom of this page, or click here.

Create a Matching Gift or Challenge
Encourage your network to join you in making a gift! You can match gifts dollar-for-dollar up to a fixed amount and even structure your challenge to be based on donor participation.
How: Look for the "Matches" and "Challenges" sections on the left side of this page.

Upload a "Personal Plea"
Create a 15-30 second video explaining why YOU chose to support One Deerfield 2023 and why others should do the same (see examples below!)
How: Once you become an Advocate, creating your personal plea is as easy as 1-2-3.

Spread the Word
Call, text, and email your friends and classmates directly. You can encourage your Deerfield network to participate by using #OneDeerfield in your social media posts, too!

On the far right at the top of this page, there are buttons that allow you to share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Maximize Your Gift!

Great news, Deerfield: WE DID IT!

We officially surpassed our overall goal of 1,000 donors—unlocking an incredible $250,000 gift for Deerfield.

THANK YOU from the very bottom of our hearts to the 1,000+ alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, faculty, staff, and students who participated. Whether you made a gift, offered a challenge or a dollar-for-dollar match, or spread the word to your family, friends, and classmates, we appreciate your support, and so does the entire Deerfield community.

Click play on the video at the top of this page to watch a special Day of Giving thank you message from us to you. GO BIG GREEN!

467 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Choate Day 100th Anniversary Scarf WINNERS! 🥳🎊

THANK YOU to all of the donors who renewed their Annual Fund support on this year's Day of Giving!

And a special congratulations to those listed below. We can't wait for you to receive your exclusive Choate Day 100th Anniversary scarf in the mail and sport your green and white!

1.) Lauren Hunter '98
2.) Eric Lanser '05
3.) Judas Hicks '94
4.) Terrence O'Toole '02
5.) Patrick Clark '98
6.) Edith Naegele '95
7.) Sarah Zoe Schwam '02
8.) Elizabeth Fersen '04
9.) Timothy Martin '88
10.) Brad Shingleton '75

Go Big Green!

467 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS: Final Round of One Deerfield WINNERS! 🏆

A special thank you to the following donors for their support of this year's Day of Giving.

We hope you enjoy your special prizes!

500th Day of Giving Donor: Jim Martinson '75 (won a Choate Day 100th Anniversary scarf!)

1,000th (goal met!) Day of Giving Donor(s): Mr. and Mrs. John Carolan P'25 (won two Choate Day 100th Anniversary scarves!)

Reunion Alumni Donor: Brittney Sabota '03 (won a complimentary Reunions Weekend 2023 registration package!)

First-Time Donor: Georgia Barnes '21 (won a meal for two at the Deerfield Inn!)

Past Day of Giving Donor who renewed their support on Day of Giving 2023: Bryan Sells '89 (won a Deerfield crew neck sweatshirt!)

Young Alumni Donor: Thomas Gilmore '20 (won lunch at the Deerfield Inn with Head of School, Dr. John Austin and two Deerfield friends of their choice!)

Go Deerfield!

467 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Update: Final Countdown WINNERS! 🎉

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us achieve our overall goal of 1,000 donors this Day of Giving!

During "The Final Countdown" (March 2 from 9am-noon ET) several donors took the opportunity to make their gift before One Deerfield officially wrapped up. Thank you to all who were a part of this important group and made giving a priority to help us reach the finish line.

A special thank you to our two Final Countdown WINNERS! You've both won a beautiful Deerfield canvas tote bag.

1.) Elena Jones '14

2.) Rebecca Bell '98

Go Big Green!

467 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
"It's The Final Countdown," Deerfield! 🎶⏳⏰

We're nearing the end of Day of Giving 2023 with only 59 donors needed to meet our overall goal. We can hardly contain our excitement, and hope you’ll consider joining in by noon ET with a gift of any size!

A few big reminders for you as we near the finish line:

  • If we hit 1,000 donors—and we’re so close—a Deerfield trustee will generously donate $250,000. And as a donor, you’ll receive a variety of hand-illustrated prints of Deerfield’s beautiful campus.
  • AND—this just in—all donors who make a gift between 9am and noon ET will be entered for a chance to win THIS Deerfield canvas bag.

Two donors will be chosen at random and announced this afternoon—good luck!

468 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Thank you, Night Owls! 🌃🦉

THANK YOU to everyone who was up late last night making their gift as a part of One Deerfield's Late Night Madness!

On March 1 between 8pm-midnight ET, 143 donors made a gift—SIMPLY AMAZING!

A total of five donors were randomly selected to win a cozy Deerfield blanket. Congratulations to those listed below and thank you to EVERYONE whose made giving back a priority!

1.) Elizabeth Miller Fitzpatrick '02

2.) Alexandra Comerford '10

3.) Duke Repko '14

4.) David Smith '83

5.) Jillian Black '97

Just a few hours left to make your gift and be counted! Thank you for your support, and Go Big Green!

468 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis

While the East Coast is settling in for the evening, we're calling on the West Coast Deerfield community to come together in a big way!

In your honor, Trustees living on the West Coast established the West Coast Challenge, committing to match every gift made by alumni from the West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska dollar for dollar up to $50,000 between now and midnight PT!

Make the East Coast blink in astonishment tomorrow morning at the power of West Coast generosity as we strive to reach our goal of 1,000 total donors by March 2 at noon ET.

Thank you for your support! Go Big Green!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Late Night Madness: Participate + Win! 🌛🌃🦉

NIGHT OWLS: It's never too late to make a difference for Deerfield!

Although March 1 is winding down, there’s still plenty of time to pause your favorite show, grab a snack, and settle down to make a gift to One Deerfield!

Make your gift by midnight ET and you'll be entered to win THIS cozy Deerfield blanket, perfect for future late nights.

Five donors will be chosen at random and announced on March 2.

Help us celebrate the Day of Giving by making your gift now!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
JUST ANNOUNCED: Choate Day 100th Anniversary Scarf Challenge! 💚🚪

If you made a gift to Deerfield's Annual Fund last school year but have not yet made a gift to the Annual Fund this school year, this challenge is for YOU!

All 2021-2022 donors who renew their annual support between 7pm-midnight ET this evening will be entered for a chance to win THIS exclusive Choate Day 100th Anniversary scarf!

10 donors will be chosen at random and announced on March 2.

Thank you for renewing your support to Deerfield today!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Over 75% of the way to our 1,000-donor goal! 🎉🎊

Deerfield community, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

With 17 hours still to go, we've officially surpassed the 750-donor mark—AMAZING!

We are thrilled to see gifts continuing to come in strong as we strive to unlock $250,000 by noon ET tomorrow! Thank you again for your support and for continuing to spread the word about One Deerfield! We couldn't do this without YOU.

Go Big Green!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis

Over the past three hours, you really showed up for Deerfield—thank you so much! We've officially hit 739 total donors on our quest to 1,000.

A special thanks to our three Deerfield Trustees—Jack Chen '08, Amy Sodha Harsch '97, and Steve Quazzo '78 P'08—who made Triple Time possible with their generous support.

Each minute, we're one step closer to our goal of 1,000 donors. If you haven't had the chance, help spread the word and keep the momentum going by making your gift today!

Go Big Green!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Triple Time is BACK! 🥳


From now until 6pm ET, all gifts will be TRIPLED (up to $300,000!) thanks to three Deerfield Trustees: Jack Chen '08, Amy Sodha Harsch '97, and Steve Quazzo '78 P'08!

That means for every $1 you or a classmate gives, these three alumni give another $3.

Make your gift and help spread the word to have over three times the impact for Deerfield AND win exclusive hand-illustrated prints of iconic spots on campus.

It’s a win-win-win situation. GO BIG GREEN!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis


Thank you to all of the incredible donors who have helped us reach the midway point on our journey to securing 1,000 donors and unlocking $250K this Day of Giving!

A special shout out to Jim Martinson '75 for being our 500th donor! Go Big Green!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Thank you, Early Risers! ☀️☕

THANK YOU to all donors who added "make my gift" to their morning routine by participating in our Early Riser Rush Challenge! We've already achieved a total of 347 donors towards our 1,000 donor goal!

And a very special congratulations to these five donors for winning their very own Deerfield coffee mug and bag of Tree House Coffee Company's house blend beans.

1.) Brian Steward '83

2.) Casey Smith '22

3.) Edwin Scagel '86

4.) Kathryn Smith '98

5.) Tamar Chalker '00

We appreciate your support and for helping Deerfield start off this year's Day of Giving strong. Go Big Green!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Rise and Shine, Deerfield! The Day of Giving is here.

If you’re enjoying your morning coffee and breakfast within the next few hours, our “Early Riser Rush” challenge is definitely for you:

Five lucky donors who make their gift between 6-9am ET will win THIS Deerfield coffee mug and a bag of Tree House Coffee Company's house blend beans.

Good luck, and thank you for your support!

469 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
"Woof woof! Happy (almost) DoG, friends!" 🐕


Barkley and Homer are so excited that tomorrow is Deerfield’s sixth annual DoG (Day of Giving)! We had to give them the spotlight on our landing page, of course.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, Homer and Barkley!

470 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Day of Giving is Tomorrow! 📅

Only 14 hours until DoG 2023 begins—and we can't wait!

Remember: if we reach our overall goal of 1,000 donors, a Deerfield trustee will generously donate $250K, making your participation even more meaningful.

Thank you for your support, and Go Big Green!

470 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis
Thank you, Early Birds! 🐦

A big shout-out and special thanks to the nearly 300 early donors (and counting!) who helped kick-start this year's Day of Giving in a big way by unlocking an incredible gift of $100,000!

If you make an early gift, check back periodically to find your name listed below. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!

Adam Lussier '85 Diana Kleiner P04 John Kirby '00 Nina Shevzov-Zebrun '12
Adam Sichol '94 Donald Reuter '68 John Knight '83 Oscar Anderson '88, P22
Adele McCarthy-Beauvais '99 Doug Cooney John Mayo '60 Patrick Gillespie '64
Adrienne Hersch Doug Vallar '14 Jonathan Miller '01 Patrick Manasse '98
Alaina Belanger '12 Douglas Allen Jr. '67, P03 Joseph Kinkade '55 Paul Marchese P20
Albert Ford '10 Douglas Peterson '90 Joseph LaSala '08 Paula Bell P98, 00, 04, 09
Ali Schulz '12 Durbin Wells '65 Joseph Twichell '56 Peter Meyer '68
Allen Damon '78 P13, 15 Edward Czeremcha P21 Juntaek Lim '09 Peter Nistad '63
Amy Waterman P24 Edwin Martin '67 Kacy Hintze '94 Philip Weymouth III '83
Andrew Hough '89 Eleanor Welles-Gertz '10 Kaitlin McKenna '21 Phoebe Morss '15
Andrew Levinson '92 Elizabeth Merritt Dougan '95 P27 Karen Mariani P23 R. Curtis Mills '61
Andrew Peck '18 Ellen Shin '10 Kate Jowaisas '04 Rebecca Blumenkopf '01
Andrew Slade '12 Emily Geiger '01 Kathy Nistad Reema Syed '92, P23
Angela Jones G19 Emily Glotzer '02 Katie Zaslaw '19 Richard Abbott '64
Anne Ford '08 Emily Swisher-Rosa P23 Kellie Houston Richard Mahoney '65
Annie Blau '13 Emmett Aho Kevin O'Rourke '05 Rick Marks '08
Annie Gibbons '05 Erica Grillo '09 Kiki Brainard '22 RJ Shamberger '16
Anonymous (23) Erika Shelburne Kirby (Schell) Williams '02 Robert Ferraris P23
Anuja Thatte '07 Erin Holland P23 Kirsten Vaughan '10 Robert Sartin '80
Armand Cincotta '52 Erin Weinstein Reed '03 Kolia O'Connor '81 Roberta Rey P21
Austin Philie '19 Erin Weitzell P23 Kristen DeAmicis '95 Rosa Sun '21
Ayres Hall '55 Fernando R Echavarria '23 Kurt Ostergaard '81 Roy Weitzell P23
Ballard Brown '16 Fred Kleiner P04 Kylie Laurenitis Rudge McKenney '68
Barnes Darwin '77 Frederic Waugh '75 Lacey K Bowman '00 Rykert Fowler '72
Ben Hirsch '18 Geoffrey Laporte '06 Lars White '90 Saira Ahmed '05
Ben Steinbock '95 George Curtin '66 Lawrence Waldman '80 Samuel Howard '99
Ben Villa '97 George Fauver '22 Leigh French G20, 23 Samuel Weisman '65
Benjamin Cooley '01 George Thomas '61 Leonard Weeks P13 Sara Ferraris P23
Benjamin Grimm Gerald Gould '57 Lindsay Stevens '12 Sharon Wetherby P14
Benjamin Ullyot '21 Gloria Waterman G24 Lindsey Shea '11 Sophia Centola '18
Bennett O'Donnell '99 Grace Wittenberg '06 Lindsey Wilson '13 Stacey Wierl P26
Bennett Pitcher '21 Grant Cooper '00 Lisa Hilberg Craig '00 Stephen Rey P21
Betsey Dickson '94 Gregg Smith '64 Louis Reycroft '68, P93 Steve Berman
Blackwell Taylor '92 Gregory Dobbs '80 Lydia Smith '14 Steven August
Bob Wood '50 Gretchen Laatsch G23 Mack Chandler '12 Sydney Shope '09
Brandon Chang '11 Guru Dev Khalsa '96 Marc Cram '88 Tara Ryan '91
Brett Ramsey P24 Hai Sun Jia '16 Margaret Rodriguez '02 Taran Weeks '13
Brian Cox '10 Hallie Dewey '15 Mark Uh '05 Taylor Daniel Harris '13
Brian Higgins '89 Henry William Happel '61 Mary Danielson '90 Thatcher Smith '20
Brian Milewski '80 Hunter Dray '08 Mary Mack Brown '18 Thomas Gilmore '20
Brian Solik '80 Ileana Glyptis '16 Matt Cuneo '06 Thomas O'Keeffe '74
Brock Beamish Irene Zurakowski '08 Matthew Horan '07 Thomas Whiteley '18
Brooks Walker '10 J Moreland '97 Max Kainamura '22 Thomas Wylie P25
Caitlin McMullen '02 Jack Lambert '16 McCabe Family P23 Thompson Whiteley '18
Caroline Harrison '03 Jaewon Moon '20 Meaghan O'Brien '18 Tim Randall '90
Charles Schoenau '65 Jake Fuller '61 Meredith Reeves '02 Timothy Ehrhart '83
Chip Schulz P12 James Burns '67 Michael Browde '61 TJ Filip '94
Christina Proctor '09 James Dorman '85 Michael Chang '97 Tom Ehrgood '69
Christopher Kibler '10 James Dutch Pinkston IV '68 P04 Michael Finkowski '65 Tom Rosenwald '52 
Christopher Wallace '99 James Gibson '58 Michael Holland '19 Van Sullivan '83
Cindy Baughman P16 James Hays '52 Michael Manwaring '91 Victoria Waterfall '19
Claudia Roberts G25 James Nicholson '00 Michael McGonigle '84 W. John Nelson '67
Dan Houston James Whiteley '20 Michael Redmond '07 Warner Brown Jr. '13
Dana Kelly '52 Jamie Wylie '78 Mike Dion '00 West Hubbard '10
Dane Patterson '03 Jane Doyle '21 Mike Holland P23 West Hubbard '10
Dara Sklar '95 Jared Paquette '94 Mike Laskin '94 William Barton Marsh '54
Daria Kamford P07 Jenner McLeod '13 Mike Leist '00 Will & Anne Callender P26
David Beisler '65 Jiaye Andrew Chiang P21, 23 Miles Smachlo '16 William Holland '21
David Dewey '79 Jim Lindsay '70, P96 Mirjam Keochakian '15 William Mathis '84, P21
David Halsted '58 Joanna Davin '12 Mollie Bensen '05 William Mathis P84
David Hill '09 Joe Latham '65 Nancy Masterson G25 William Swisher G23
Davie Morales-Miranda '12 Joe Masterson G25 Natalie DeMuro '14 Wilson Wang '12
Derek Alvarez '17 John Adornato III '92 Ned Waters '88 Woody Hamilton '14
Nicholas Anderson '02 Zoë  Parker Smith '94

470 days ago by Kylie Laurenitis

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