2016 GIVES Participation Challenge

By Dean College

This campaign ended on May 13, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Dean College by clicking here!

The 2016 GIVES Committee is asking members of the Class of 2016 - you - to join them in the School Participation Challenge by making a donation to your School at Dean. The School with the highest participation rate will win the BULLDOG BOWL. Anyone who makes a donation of $5.00 or more will receive a silver 

Where are people donating?

Palladino School of Dance 31$422
School of Continuing Studies 15$98
School of the Arts 14$261
School of Liberal Arts 12$200
Dean Scholarship Fund 9$76
School of Business 9$75
Area of Greatest Need 7$60
Dean College Athletics Fund 3$15

Donor affiliations

2% Alumni

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45% Students

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1% Faculty/Staff

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Donor list

Francesca Soldevere
Sunita Mahalaha
Dulce Estrada
Shelby Roth
Malik Lee
Katie Putnam
Alisa Commerato
Taryn Poe
Emily Johnson
Olivia Rodrigues
Patrick Hege
Victoria Payne photoVictoria Payne
India Terrell
Lisa J. Parker
Keri-Ann Machado
Justin Rezendes
Jessica Lake
Alyssa Davis
Noma Okundaye
Jessica Filipe
Laurie Rivard
Sandy Sagastume
Laurence Owen Folsom II
Christina Polanco
Jessica Monteiro
Karen Cebrowski
GIlberto Terrientes
Leanne Santorsola
Mark Fenner
caitlyn hart
Morgan DeRita
Raylin Medina
Haley Blair
Victoria Kleiner
Sam amico
Charles Maurice

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