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This campaign ended on March 29, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Davidson College by clicking here!

This campaign seeks to support the mission of the Davidson College Chorale by making our annual domestic tour and local retreat financially sustainable. Since 2012 the membership of the Chorale has nearly tripled—due in large part to the success of our annual tours—and our current financial resources are inadequate.

Chorale tours and annual retreat offer students the unique opportunity to form and strengthen special bonds, shape and perform extraordinary music, and experience first-hand their ability to positively impact communities outside of their own. Each year the Chorale performs choral music from every era of music history and many contemporary styles of music including pop, a cappella, folk, jazz, and music from non-western traditions.


Chorale Tour and Retreat Objectives:


--To provide the students opportunities to study with and work under other skilled choral clinicians in workshops designed to offer Davidson students a fresh look at the music they have been learning. The eyes and ears of other artists help the students to gain greater musicality and nuanced artistic understanding.

--To allow students to share inspiring choral music with audiences of alumni and potential student recruits and to represent the college before those who may or may not be familiar with Davidson and its liberal arts model.

--To strengthen the student’s personal and artistic connections with each other--something that only traveling together, living together, laughing, and singing together for a concentrated time can provide. 

--To give students the opportunity to introduce Davidson College personally to at least one high school and to perhaps mentor a resident choir program or share a concert in that school.

--Retreat:  to be able to take focused time at the beginning of the academic year (when students are not completely overwhelmed with homework and stress) to focus intently on the musical skills (sight reading, ear training, vocal production, diction for foreign language pieces) necessary to sing the choral literature artistically. This also provides the opportunity for first year students to begin to form important bonds with their peers by welcoming them into a safe, artistic community of friends and fellow artists.


Past tours have been made possible through two Davidson Research Initiatives (Group DRI) in addition to individual donations made by Friends of Choral Activities. Tours have given Davidson College students the opportunity to perform in such notable venues as, to name only a few:


Washington National Cathedral

St. John the Divine, NYC

Oracle Arena (we sang the National Anthem for a Warriors game and nearly 20,000 fans)

St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican

Thank you for your donation to support this very worthy artistic endeavor!

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