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By Peter Krentz

This campaign ended on January 16, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Davidson College by clicking here!

This campaign seeks to raise awareness of the Davidson classics department endowment and to increase the size of that endowment so that we can fund short group trips to the Mediterranean, with the goal of building and strengthening the community of students and faculty members interested in classics.

Thanks to a one-time grant from the Bacca Foundation, we organized an all-expenses-paid trip to Greece over spring break in 2017. We designed the trip to enrich two courses, CLA 332 Greeks and Persians (aka Herodotos and the Persian Wars) and CLA 441 The Parthenon. To be eligible for the trip, students had to take one of these two courses plus another course in the department related to Greece. The group went to see the places where Greeks and Persians fought—Marathon, Thermopylai, Salamis, Plataiai—and the remains of the thank offerings the Greeks made, especially at Athens but also at Delphi, the single most spectacular Greek site. We took 15 students, including a number of students who had not been out of the country before and who could not have afforded the trip without the grant, and 6 faculty members, including the entire classics department faculty.

We came back excited that the trip had met all four original goals:

·       Encourage more students to take classics courses

·       Enrich courses by seeing in person what we had been studying

·       Build community through traveling, eating, and learning together

·       Recruit younger students into majoring in classics

Our campaign is designed to let us do this again. Thanks to two recent major gifts, the departmental endowment stands about $175,000. We hope to raise that to $200,000, which would fund a trip once every four years. If we could raise the endowment to $400,000, we could take a trip every other year. 

We hope that you will consider making a donation to support this purpose in addition to your annual gift to The Fund for Davidson, which provides current-use, budget-relieving support to all areas of campus. 



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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
Class YearDonorsDollars
1992 21$2,610
2007 14$1,325
2005 13$870
2012 11$420
2006 10$835
2010 9$286
2011 8$720
2009 8$835
2013 7$300
2014 6$270
2008 5$875
1999 4$700
2017 4$130
2015 4$125
2003 4$140
1998 3$150
1984 3$150
2004 3$300
1995 3$1,200
2002 3$1,125
1993 3$150
2001 3$375
1997 2$50
1974 2$400
1978 2$25
2016 2$50
1996 2$50
1971 2$260
1972 1$5,000
1994 1$250
1990 1$500
1958 1$100
1976 1$100
1985 1$10
1967 1$100
1988 1$100
1989 1$100
1982 1$100
1986 1$250

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64% Alumni

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2% Students

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5% Parents

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8% Faculty/Staff

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14% Friends

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Donor list

Will Williams
Tom Cors & Mary Faith Mount-Cors
Travis Hunter & Melissa Peddicord Hunter
Sabrina Rissing Spiegel
Caroline Prioleau
Catherine Johnson
Alex Duchesneau
William C Cantey III
Stacie Fletcher
Stephen Potter
Stephanie R. Glaser & Thomas A. Hazel
Khoury N. Ashooh
Lance Long
Derek B Counts
Ben Krause
Andrew O'Geeen & Shannon O'Geen
Colin Smith
Erin Meyer Wilson
Elissa C Hagans
Rachel Jakab
William A. Mills, Jr
Skye MacLeod
Homer B. Sutton
Beth Thompson & Lee Thompson
Bri Castle
Marlet Gibson Bazemore
William Montgomery
Anna Sanford
Caroline K Lee
Reed Ryan
Alexandra F Miller
Jeff Yeakel
Christina A. Kilby
John G Henry

Michael Toumazou photoMichael K. Toumazou matched $100
Michael Toumazou photoMichael K. Toumazou matched $25
Peter Krentz photoJeri Krentz & Peter matched $200
Jeanne Neumann photoJeanne Neumann matched $250
Katie Lautensack Cherep photoKatie Cherep matched $300
Keyne Cheshire photoKeyne Cheshire matched $83
Laura S Raney photoLaura S Raney gave $250 because 10 donors made a gift in 14 days.
Keyne Cheshire photoKeyne Cheshire gave $400 because 10 donors made a gift in 10 days.
Sam Baroody photoSam Baroody gave $500 because 10 donors made a gift in 42 days.
Tom Ross '72 gave $5,000 because 100 donors made a gift in 45 days.

If you generate 10 or more donations, you will receive your choice of an autographed copy of a book written by a Davidson classics department faculty member or a 3D-printed reproduction of a small head of Herakles found at Athienou, produced by the Davidson Makerspace.


If you donate $100 or more, Jeanne Neumann will record a voicemail message for you in Latin!