Holy Child Spirit Challenge

This campaign ended on February 13, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Connelly School of the Holy Child by clicking here!

“THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR” is how most students would describe it... and we know alumnae agree! This year, we invite you to relive your glory days and help your team win SPIRIT WEEK by taking the Holy Child Spirit Challenge for young alums (2000-2019). The team with the highest level of participation will walk away with bragging rights... as well as a commemorative gift to use at alumnae weekend. 

Here's how the challenge works:

  1. Send us some  love On Color Day - Feb. 13 - demonstrate you BELIEVE in your alma mater with a gift to the Fund for Holy Child.
  2. Show your  spirit Wear your class color... to work, to class, to the gym, to bed, as an accessory... you get the idea.
  3. Share your HC  pride : Encourage your classmates to take the challenge by sharing a pic wearing your class color using the hashtag #HCSPIRIT.

Gifts of all amounts make an impact and we hope you'll consider from the following:

  • $20.20 in honor of our upcoming graduates
  • $56.83 = L(5) O(6) V(8) E(3)
  • $100 - $25 for each of the 4 class colors
  • $214 to celebrate your Holy Child Galentines



Team Leaderboard

Class ColorsDonorsDollars%
Purple ('18, '14, '10, '06, '02) 53$4,85335.3%
Blue ('19, '15, '11, '07, '03) 43$98828.7%
Green ('16, '12, '08, '04, '00) 43$1,43128.7%
Pink ('17, '13, '09, '05, '01) 27$3,13018.0%

Donor affiliations

99% Alumni

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Donor list

Laura G Hoover
Aline P Navai
Elisabeth D. Warren
Jenna Paro
Lilly N Paro
Sarah Balboa Priest
Krista M Kelly
Holley A Hickman
Caitlyn O’Berry
Kathleen K Boucher-Lavigne
Caitlin, M, DeLaurentis
Isabel Gilday
Olivia V Welsh
Ganassa, Laura
Mackenzie K Myers
Kirsten Brandler
Caitlin M James
Gabby Mae Hanley
Darby K McGee
Michelle Shank
Michelle Coppoolse- 2006
Johana Andrade
Erin Kemp Platte
Adrianna M Corral
Kyra R Hickey
Irene & Emily Firippis
Madeleine C Diakiwski
Ashley C. Paulos
Lindsay Gleason photoLindsay Gleason

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Earn points for your team! The team with the highest level of participation will receive a commemorative gift to use at alumnae weekend.