Early Honor Roll of Donors 2021-22

This campaign ends on October 3 at 11:59PM EDT

At Connelly School of the Holy Child, our mission is to inspire our students to cultivate the joy of learning, to explore and develop their passions and talents, and to reach higher, becoming young women who live their faith through actions not words. In other words, to unlock the unlimited potential of each and every Holy Child student. 

This is where your support comes in!  Did you know income from tuition covers only 83% of the cost of educating our students? The Fund for Holy Child bridges the gap between where tuition ends and where the outstanding programs that unlock each young woman's potential begin. 

Your annual gift to the Fund for Holy Child provide the highest level of financial flexibility for the school, enabling us to enhance and sustain our commitment to our students, and to meet critical needs as they arise. The generosity of our wonderful community is what makes the full Holy Child experience possible.  We couldn't do what we do without you!  

When you join the Early Honor Roll of Donors, you can designate your gift to a specific area within the school’s operating budget, including:

Area of Greatest Need
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Faculty Professional Development
Faith and Service
Financial Aid/Scholarships
Innovative Curriculum
Visual and Performing Arts

We understand that every gift is a choice, we hope you will choose to honor your daughter with a meaningful gift that reflects her Holy Child experience.  Please know gifts of all sizes make a difference, participation from each of our families is the focus of this campaign. 

Give today...the impact of your generosity is unlimited!

Spread the word about the Early Honor Roll of Donors and encourage other Holy Child families to get involved. 

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Designation Leaderboard

Area of Greatest Need 35$83,050
Financial Aid/Scholarships 4$2,600
Innovative Curriculum 2$3,000
Athletics 2$1,000
Visual and Performing Arts 1$100
Faith and Service 0$0
Faculty Professional Development 0$0
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 0$0

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Parents
2027 7$17,000
2026 4$11,750
2025 8$9,200
2024 10$17,600
2023 10$26,200
2022 7$15,750
2017 1$500

Donor affiliations

4% Alumni

Show Alumni

100% Parents

Show Parents

Donor list

Laurie Crain
Maria and Sergio Beltran
Kristine Willard
Martha and John Fleury
Mary Thomson
Pamela Hickey
Greg Young
Al Herrera
Amy Palumbo
Kerry McKeon
Chris & Tiffany Albina
Susan Vietmeyer
Leslie Archer
Chrissy and Steve Summers
Loren Monroe
Tim and Maria Covell
Kelly McMahon
Melissa Sullivan
Carol and Jeff Groh
Tamara and George Kucik
Christine Kim
Laura and Joseph Floam
Lori Carbonneau
Brian & Traci Richmond
Angie Paolozzi
Erin and Alex Bryer
Stephen & Denise Godfrey
Lyn and Lawton Brown
Nuala O'Connor photoNuala O'Connor
Sarah McLaren
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