Project Feed CCS

This campaign ended on December 05, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Community Colleges of Spokane by clicking here!

Help us end student hunger at CCS!

Did you know that 45% of  college students reported not knowing if they could afford to eat in the last 30 days? Or that 49% of two-year college students didn't have enough money to pay for balanced meals?  Students struggling with basic needs – like hunger – are even more likely to work full time while going to school.   BUT – being chronically hungry lowers a student's likelihood of attaining a 3.5-4.0 GPA.* 

Let's help these students achieve their dreams by providing them with enough food to focus on school!  Today we’re raising money to provide healthy food to students across our 12,300 square mile district – from expanding options at current food pantries to building new ones.

*according to the 2018 #RealCollege Survey

We’ve got big plans for Project Feed CCS! With $20,000, we could help hungry students in so many different ways, like:

  • Launching a hot food recovery program (leftover cafeteria food gets frozen, packaged, heat-sealed with plastic wrap and then distributed to students) at SCC
  • Creating pop up pantries, where students can donate food for classmates, across the district
  • Buying fridges and freezers for pantries so that student have access to healthier meal options

Thank you Rogue Heart Media for our "Magic of Our Students" video!



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