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Help bridge the gap between life and a college eduation with your gift to CCV's Life Gap fund!

Imagine being a student who’s trying to get ahead but faces obstacles at every turn. Maybe it's a late phone bill, a child care closure, or failed vehicle inspection that prompted skipping class. For many of our students, getting ahead in life isn’t simply a matter of hard work. 

Put yourself in their shoes: would you be able to continue on without a helping hand? These are the barriers that many Vermonters face everyday as they seek higher education. 

That’s why we're raising funds for Life Gap Grants, and the opportunity we have this giving season to provide direct financial support to vulnerable students who are at risk of dropping out and accumulating debt.

Each year, CCV serves more Vermonters than any other college in the state. Many of them overcome their own challenges on the way to a degree, and the majority are the first in their family to go to college. More than three-quarters work full-time jobs while attending school. Some are single parents; others are new Americans. Almost all depend on financial support in the form of scholarships and grants. Without it, CCV graduates wouldn’t be where they are today.


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