CSU Trombones Perform at International Festival and Release new CD

This campaign ended on May 01, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Columbus State University by clicking here!

The CSU Trombone Ensemble has been invited to perform at the 2017 International Trombone Festival in California in June, and will release its new CD "Full Tilt" at the same time. The recording features the CSU students performing music composed and arranged for the CSU Trombone Ensemble. You can make a gift in honor of your favorite student and help this group share their work and part of CSU's musical legacy with the nation. 

Your gift will also support other initiatives of CSU's Trombone Studio, such as producing future recordings, engaging students through future opportunities to travel and perform, and more!

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Gifts made in Honor of Trombone Studio Students
Brian Hall 11$715
Other 12$550
Kevin Casey 6$535
Andrew Markel 8$420
Stephen Clayton 3$400
Cameron Smith 3$390
Felix Padilla 7$380
Josh Hutchinson 3$250
Teddy Nagelvoort 1$250
Lovrick Gary 2$150
Jessica Griggs 2$125
Dawid Mżyk 1$100
Wesley Shores 2$60
Jeremy Cover 1$50
Andrew Sellers 1$50

Donor affiliations

16% Alumni

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5% Students

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11% Parents

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22% Faculty/Staff

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29% Friends

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Donor list
Ian McCollum
Amparo Padilla
Pam AmesPam Ames photo
Andre Prouty
Trey EnglishTrey English photo
Charles Smith
Mark Spradley
Andrew Shelton
Joshua Evans
Kevin, J, Casey
Felix Padilla
Justin Cook
Tyler S Sellers
Natalie Higgins
Dr. T
Mark W Montgomery
Jerry & Martha Mullinax
Carolyn Caldwell
Hanako Yamagata Greenberg
Joe GirardJoe Girard photo
Matthew McCabeMatthew McCabe photo
Mary A Budge
Scott Harris
Nick Nicholas
Stephanie Patterson
Sergiu Schwartz
James A Markey
Andree Martin and Paul Vaillancourt
Carolyn hersh
Kelan Rooney
Ronald L Wirt
Rick deTreville
Cindy Hicks
Kevin Whalen

Teddy Nagelvoort photoTeddy Nagelvoort matched $75

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