Re-Volt: Recharging a Legacy

This campaign ended on April 27, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Colorado School of Mines by clicking here!

We are a senior design team of 14 students starting in January of 2020, working for a full year to convert a 1979 Volkswagen Transporter ("The Bus") from gas to electric power. 

The beloved bus was bought new off the lot in 1979 by the client’s family, and has been like a family member since. The client is a fellow senior design teammate and eager for the opportunity to “recharge” this iconic family legacy. This unique design challenge will apply and expand students’ knowledge in a direction that is increasingly relevant to the automotive industry and consumer lifestyles for years to come.

While there are not many opportunities at Mines to learn about electric vehicle (EV) technology from the inside out, this project will prove to be an experiential platform on which students can build skills that are marketable and competitive. This project will challenge the student team to incorporate ambitious functional transformation while retaining the iconic vintage VW Bus aesthetic. 

The objectives of this design challenge include a 250+ mileage range and a minimum highway cruising speed of 70 mph, the solutions for which will be offered to the public as “open source” information on how to convert a vintage vehicle from gas to electric power. By making this EV conversion information publicly available, our team aims to promote the innovative work ongoing at Colorado School of Mines.

To meet the team and learn more please check out our new website:

We are also accepting part and materials donations. Please contact our team manager, Gracie Cole, for more information on donating a part and what it means for our team!

Part Patron Incentive:

- Donation Packet (sticker, business card, and personalized note)

- Company sticker on bus for 1 year after bus conversion (Jan-Dec 2021)

- Logo on website, 2 promotional posts on Instagram and 2 promotional posts on Facebook

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Bus Booster:All of the above, PLUS:Opt-in monthly email updates with project progress during conversion (Aug-Dec 2020) and photos


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Legacy Lover: All of the above, PLUS: Name (or a quote of your choice) engraved on a metal plate, permanently mounted in the engine bay An evening of drinking for free at Golden City Brewery (Golden,CO) with the team to ask questions, see the bus, share ideas, general hangout session with team members