Make an IMPACT on Giving Tuesday

This campaign ended on November 29, 2017, but you can still make a gift to College of Southern Maryland by clicking here!

Join the CSM Foundation on #GivingTuesday this year to MAKE AN IMPACT in our community by donating to CSM scholarships and programs. Gifts of every size, contributed on #GivingTuesday by people like you, will help transform lives right here in Southern Maryland. Last year, the CSM Foundation raised $70,177 through 271 unique donors. 

CSM Athletics To participate in the Athletics Challenge, click here.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT.  Generous donors have pledged to match your gift, dollar for dollar. Choose to donate to one of the matching funds below and double your impact!

  • Cox Family Memorial Scholarship | Established in 2002 by the Cox Family to support full- or part-time credit and continuing education students. (First $1,000 will be matched.)
  • Coldwell Banker Jay Lilly Real Estate Scholarship Fund for Construction Trades & Industrial Training | Established in 2012 by Jay Lilly to support students enrolled in the construction trades program. (First $550 will be matched.)
  • Hempstead Family Scholarship | Established in 2017 by Nancy Hempstead to support Calvert County residents who graduated from a Calvert County public high school and participated in Athletics. (First $1,000 will be matched.)
  • Mary I. Shasho Memorial Endowed Scholarship | Established in 2016 by Harry A. Shasho to support Criminal Justice majors. (First $5,000 will be matched.)
  • Nyce Annual Scholarship | Established in 2014 by Valerie Nyce in support of students who reside in Southern Maryland. (First $2,500 will be matched.)
  • Oreta Stinson Memorial Engineering Scholarship | Established in 2014 by Al Leandre in to support STEM majors.  (First $500 will be matched.)
  • Peter Cangelosi Memorial Scholarship | Established in 2014 by Laurie and Raymond Cangelosi to support students majoring in a medical field.  (First $3,000 will be matched.)
  • SMECO Scholarship for Administrative Professionals | Established in 2017 by Lisa Oliver to support continuing education students in the Administrative Assistant Program. (First $250 will be matched.)
  • Southern Maryland Women's League Scholarship | Established in 2009 to support students who are single parents or children of a single-parent household.  (First $1,000 will be matched.)
  • Zonta Club of Charles County Scholarship | Established in 2012 to support students who reside in Southern Maryland and want to improve the status of women. (First $2,000 will be matched.)

TRIPLE PLAY!!! The first $20,000 donated for #GivingTuesday will be matched by the Salta Family and an anonymous donor. So if give to a matching scholarship fund, you can triple your impact!

STUDENT PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS.  This #GivingTuesday both the CSM Student Association and CSM Athletics are raising money for programs in their areas.

The CSM Student Association is raising funds and awareness for its micro-food pantries, named Hawk Feeders, on each of CSM's four campuses.  Hawk Feeders help address the short-term basic needs students may experience and operate on the simple concept of "take what you need, give what you can."  

CSM Athletics is raising funds to repair the baseball field and the construction of new dugouts and bleachers.  The CSM baseball field and its structures have not been renovated since they were built.  Newer facilities are not only necessary for the safety of athletes and fans, but they are also critical to CSM's ability to recruit the next generation of talent.  Donors may also give to the individual CSM athletic team that is nearest to their hearts. To participate in the Athletics Challenge, click here.

Showing YOUR Impact....How did you invest today to transform tomorrow?

General Scholarship Fund 53$9,506
Other 53$35,565
Cox Family Memorial Scholarship 40$3,626
Peter Cangelosi Memorial Scholarship 28$4,683
Hawk Feeder 18$1,105
Southern Maryland Women's League (SMWL) Scholarship 18$2,381
Athletics: Softball 17$1,115
Athletics General Fund 14$1,531
Diane Kaufman Fredette Memorial Scholarship 13$3,646
Mary I. Shasho Memorial Endowed Scholarship 12$6,710
Sidney J and Mary K Waugh Memorial Scholarship 11$1,925
STEM 10$5,077
Charles K. Walsh Memorial Scholarship 9$1,111
Pam Starkey Cancer Survivors and Friends Endowment 7$1,055
Zonta Club of Charles County Fund 6$1,302
Oreta Stinson Memorial Engineering Scholarship 6$716
Jerry and Nancy Zanelotti Memorial Scholarship 6$1,090
The Arts 6$1,360
Workforce Development Scholarship 6$9,245
Coldwell Banker Jay Lilly Real Estate Scholarship for Construction Trades & Industrial Training 5$591
Col. Mary R. Boyd Memorial Nursing Scholarship 5$515
C. Emmitt Woodey Theater Scholarship 4$561
Gottfried Building Futures Scholarship 4$675
SMECO Scholarship for Administrative Professionals 4$376
Nursing Scholarships 3$11,010
CSM Alumni Scholarship 3$88
Athletics: Basketball - Men 2$20
Dr. John Sine Memorial Scholarship 2$3,600
Anna Mae Ziencik Hess Memorial Scholarship 2$50
Walter B. Grove II Memorial Art Scholarship 2$1,025
Solomons Business Association Scholarship 2$1,010
Ward Virts Concert Series 2$4,050
Adjunct Faculty Annual and Endowed Scholarship 2$150
Susan N. Behmke Legacy Scholarship 2$75
Athletics: Baseball 1$10
Bill Wood Memorial Spanish Scholarship 1$25
Professor William "Bill" Montgomery Memorial Endowed Scholarships 1$100
Jane Hale Sypher Scholarship 1$10
Dr. Elaine Ryan Legacy Scholarship 1$25
Athletics: Volleyball 0$0
Athletics: Soccer - Women 0$0
Athletics: Soccer - Men 0$0
Athletics: Basketball - Women 0$0
Athletics: Golf 0$0
Renee Munday Math Scholarship 0$0
Professor Debra L. Wyvill Teacher Education Endowed Scholarship 0$0
Ethelmae Lilly Memorial Nursing Scholarship 0$0
Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute 0$0
Benny C. Morgan Recital Series 0$0

Donor affiliations

13% Alumni

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9% Students

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3% Parents

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37% Faculty/Staff

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6% Board Members

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27% Friends

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Donor list

Alland Leandre photoAlland Leandre
Paul Bishop photoPaul Bishop
Nancy Hempstead
Rose M Short
Micah Hill
Jordan O. Hammonds
Shannan H. Hammonds
Terri J. Farri
Katherine Reyes
Michelle Goodwin
Chelsea Brown
Charles A. Costa
Laura K. Askins
Ronald G. Brown
Anne Buckler
Richard J. Siciliano
Jeanine Davis photoJeanine Davis
Sidney J Waugh, Jr.
Michelle Carter
Janice Love
Lisa Yates
Brenda L. Jones
Janice Love
Erika Abell photoErika Abell
Mike Howard
Jacquelin Bowie
William Hitte
Mary L Quade
Amanda Joy Lozano photoAmanda Joy Lozano
Florence V Cline
Paula Coluzzi
Shavon Rice
Joseph M Kaufman

Stephen Johnson photoStephen Johnson matched $50
Kathleen Walsh photoKathleen Walsh matched $250
Lisa Oliver photoLisa Oliver matched $250
Karen Smith Hupp photoKaren Smith Hupp matched $110
Alland Leandre photoAl Leandre matched $216
Jay Lilly matched $41
Linda Sullivan Cox photoLinda Cox matched $1,000
Maureen Murphy photoMaureen Murphy matched $115
Valerie Nyce photoValerie Nyce matched $2,072
Laurie Ray Cangelosi photoThe Cangelosi Family matched $1,358
Harry A Shasho photoHarry A Shasho matched $5,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $5,000
The Salta Family matched $15,000
Chelsea Clute photoChelsea Brown gave $100 because 300 donors made a gift in 1 day.