This campaign ended on November 30, 2016, but you can still make a gift to College of Southern Maryland by clicking here!

In celebration of the fifth year of #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration, the CSM Foundation and your community proudly announce the launch of our $10 million MAKE An IMPACT campaign. Help us transform the future through scholarships for access and success; excellence in programs, facilities, and technology; and innovation through entrepreneurship and partnerships within the community.

Each dollar, contributed on #IMPACT Tuesday by people like you, transforms the future of Southern Maryland through higher education.

How will you make your IMPACT?

Be one of more than 200 donors that will invest today and transform tomorrow. Help us to INSPIRE, to INFLUENCE, and to INNOVATE.  

Choose to support one of our highlighted funds below on #IMPACTTuesday or choose your own impact by giving to the fund that is closest to your heart. 


INSPIRE | Initiative 1: Scholarships with a Purpose

Scholarship programs for students with financial need, high achievers, and workforce and career development students will be used strategically to address affordability, access, and completion.

  • Brad and Linda Gottfried Endowed Scholarship
  • CSM Alumni Scholarship
  • Career Starters Scholarship for Trades & Transportation
  • General Scholarship Fund

Matching Scholarship Funds:

  • Cox Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Peter Cangelosi Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Southern Maryland Women's League (SMWL) Scholarship
  • Zonta Scholarship in Memory of Gayle A. Cooke

INFLUENCE | Initiative 2: Transformative Programs, Technology, and Facilities

Introducing transformative programs, facilities and technology is the key to the region’s future of our workforce.

  • Athletics
  • Center for Trades & Energy Training at the Regional Hughesville Campus
  • St. Charles Children’s Learning Center (Celebrating the 10th Anniversary)
  • The Arts

INNOVATE | Initiative 3: CSM Entrepreneur, Innovation, and Partnerships

Collaborate with businesses and organizations to create economic and socio-economic solutions.

  • Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute
  • STEM

Showing YOUR Impact....How did you invest today to transform tomorrow?

General Scholarship Fund 49$5,072
Cox Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship 41$3,615
Other 21$27,150
Peter Cangelosi Memorial Scholarship 21$3,625
Southern Maryland Women's League (SMWL) Scholarship 20$2,025
Workforce Development Scholarship 18$1,555
Charles K. Walsh Memorial Scholarship 15$2,506
Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute 13$1,396
The Arts 12$491
Athletics General Fund 11$647
Brad and Linda Gottfried Endowed Scholarship 10$3,700
Zonta Club of Charles County Fund 10$1,025
STEM 7$2,165
Jerry and Nancy Zanelotti Memorial Scholarship 7$1,700
St. Charles Children’s Learning Center | 10th Anniversary 6$215
Center for Trades & Energy Training at the Regional Hughesville Campus 5$245
CSM Alumni Scholarship 5$140
Nyce Annual Scholarships 4$3,625
Ward Virts Concert Series 4$1,350
WFA Cancer Survivors and Friends Scholarship 4$420
Susan N. Behmke Legacy Scholarship 4$250
Anna Mae Ziencik Hess Memorial Scholarship 3$210
Coldwell Banker Jay Lilly Real Estate Scholarship for Construction Trades & Industrial Training 2$1,275
Howard V. Scotland Jr., and III Memorial Endowed Scholarship 1$5,000
Ethelmae Lilly Memorial Nursing Scholarship 1$775

Donor list

Jim Ray photoJim Ray
Karen Smith Hupp
Kayla R Jones
Andrea R Jenkins
Burch Trash Service, Inc.
Michelle goodwin
Michelle goodwin
William M. Hitte
Rob Rookstool
Kiara Bailey
Chelsea Renee Brown
Allston D Case
Jay and Margie Webster
Alyssa R Case
Richard Vega Jr photoRichard Vega Jr
AnIta Warnes
Douglas Girsch
Michael R. Green
Leah K Estevez
Anna Jane Kephart
Pamela S. Starkey
Jeanine Davis
Janice Love photoJanice Love
Shannan H. Hammonds
Andrew T Smith
Michael Bellis
Teresa L Welch
Randy F Jouben
Jean Marie McDougall
Laurie Cangelosi
Cheryl Cox DeAtley
Judy Modlin
David Goodwin
Kimberly A Busch

Kim Rosenfield photoKim Rosenfield matched $500
Linda Sullivan Cox photoLinda Cox matched $1,000
The Cangelosi Family photoThe Cangelosi Family matched $1,725
Tommy Luginbill gave $250 because $250 was donated in 1 day.
Karen Smith Hupp photoKaren Smith Hupp gave $400 because 20 donors made a gift in 1 day.