Reunion Giving Challenge

This campaign ended on July 01, 2020, but you can still make a gift to College of Saint Benedict by clicking here!

College of Saint Benedict Class of 2020

With Reunion 2020 cancelled (or, put more positively, With Reunion 2020 set to roll into a bigger, better Reunion 2021), we’ve opted not to hold the usual class-specific Reunion Giving Challenge this year.

But the need for Bennie scholarships goes on – and will likely be greater than ever for many of today’s Bennies and their families. If you’re in position to help this or any of the causes that matter to you, these are times for pulling together.

And speaking of together, this year’s graduating class of 2020 didn’t get the chance to get together in May for commencement … or any of the other senior spring traditions.

So as the years go by, when these 2020 grads join you at your 0 and 5 reunions, reassure them that the Bennie network is strong and that they are prepared to take on the challenges of the world. #OnceABennieAlwaysABennie 

For right now though, let’s make a gift in their honor!

Help us with this modified, collective Reunion Giving Challenge by making a gift before June 30 as we push to gather gifts from Reunion-year alumnae in honor of the 429 members of the College of Saint Benedict class of 2020.

Gifts made at any time during your Reunion year have been included in current challenge totals. 

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Reunion Giving Challenge

The Reunion Giving Challenge reflects giving from Reunion Class Year
AffiliationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
1990 78$74,78175104.0%
2005 77$8,03069111.6%
1980 71$70,11870101.4%
1985 64$27,6787091.4%
1975 54$28,6187077.1%
2015 52$27,25145115.6%
2010 50$4,85550100.0%
1995 46$26,7355092.0%
2000 45$9,0916371.4%
1965 37$86,0684190.2%
1960 28$6,6843287.5%
1970 24$7,6552982.8%
1950 9$6,7001275.0%
1955 5$1,0901241.7%
0000 1$256880.1%

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Christine L Henken
Dorine Stroeing Young
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Mary M Ozbun
Brooke T. Wenzel
Susan R McHale
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