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An Anonymous DonorJust for Classes between 2014 & 2023Ray McDaniel '80 will match $1 per $1 donated up to $50,000Only for the next $47,911
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The Class of 2024 has graduated. The Class of 2028 is about to begin its journey to campus. And reunion has just brought our alumni community together again. It’s a busy time at Colgate, a time to remember — and to act on those memories, wherever you are.

Join thousands of your fellow Colgate alumni who have voiced their support for this community through a gift to the Colgate Fund.

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Class Year LeaderboardLeaderboard data is updated every Thursday to ensure accuracy.
Class YearDonorsGoal (Donors)%
Class of 20166513448.5%
Class of 198014617782.5%
Class of 1960556485.9%
Class of 20228520042.5%
Class of 200114016485.4%
Class of 19678710186.1%
Class of 1965118100118.0%
Class of 200916031151.4%
Class of 201110417061.2%
Class of 20187418340.4%
Class of 1963748092.5%
Class of 200812919964.8%
Class of 197512417570.9%
Class of 202010121646.8%
Class of 201511014476.4%
Class of 196914719077.4%
Class of 1962597183.1%
Class of 1957344969.4%
Class of 197814520670.4%
Class of 199715017884.3%
Class of 199926831385.6%
Class of 198922532569.2%
Class of 20178313561.5%
Class of 1987249236105.5%
Class of 198114618180.7%
Class of 197313019467.0%
Class of 199815326657.5%
Class of 1954203066.7%
Class of 197921428076.4%
Class of 198615018780.2%
Class of 20238516451.8%
Class of 1964818397.6%
Class of 200517020782.1%
Class of 198313619370.5%
Class of 200424429582.7%
Class of 199017121280.7%
Class of 2019348288120.8%
Class of 201310616663.9%
Class of 197428232686.5%
Class of 1953131968.4%
Class of 201211717865.7%
Class of 198423330177.4%
Class of 197715418085.6%
Class of 199422131071.3%
Class of 201423232172.3%
Class of 200712817772.3%
Class of 200014516190.1%
Class of 199115619679.6%
Class of 1955254062.5%
Class of 202421332565.5%
Class of 198816021175.8%
Class of 197618020687.4%
Class of 1958223661.1%
Class of 1956192673.1%
Class of 199513415884.8%
Class of 200615517190.6%
Class of 1961637979.7%
Class of 200214518080.6%
Class of 197010913183.2%
Class of 197211614082.9%
Class of 1959426070.0%
Class of 1966739081.1%
Class of 19689710394.2%
Class of 200313519369.9%
Class of 201011117364.2%
Class of 198515819083.2%
Class of 198213618175.1%
Class of 199614818580.0%
Class of 199315520675.2%
Class of 20219219846.5%
Class of 197110412086.7%
Class of 199212819067.4%
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