Senior Gift Campaign

This campaign ended on May 31, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Centre College by clicking here!

The Student Advancement Board (SAB) is responsible for the Senior Gift Campaign, which prepares students to be active and engaged alumni, guaranteeing a bright future for Centre College. The Senior Gift Campaign is a way for you and your classmates to participate to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of Centre students. 

Only 74 percent of the "Centre Experience" is covered by tuition and fees. Centre College depends on endowment spending, as well as the continued financial support of alumni, parents, and friends to maintain the Centre College that you know and love today.

Last year, 56 percent of the Class of 2016 contributed to the Senior Gift Campaign. This year, we hope that your Class of 2017 will beat last year's senior class and reach 61 percent participation. In fact, President Roush and Susie have generously agreed to match each senior gift dollar-for-dollar, DOUBLING the strength of your Senior Gift Campaign. 

Be sure that when you make your gift, you designate in the "other" section what YOU would like the Senior Gift Campaign to fund. Possibilities include unpaid internships, the green fund, study abroad, you name it. The designation that receives the most votes by you and your classmates will be announced in the spring. The Class of 2017 will decide how to spend the Senior Gift Campaign fund.

Please consider making your senior class gift of only $20.17 to signify your appreciation for your Centre Experience. As a senior, this is your opportunity to show others that you cherished your Centre Experience and hope to make it possible for a future Colonel. 

Designation Leaderboard

Senior Gift Campaign 63$2,377

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7% Alumni

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69% Students

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2% Parents

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Donor list

Kirby, EM, Roberts
Alicia Marie Kalbfleisch photoAlicia Marie Kalbfleisch
Annalea C Wilson
Christopher A Lockhart
Emily Hines & Emily
Hayley L Sinnott
Emily, R, Duerksen
Meredith Anne Paige Harbison photoMeredith Anne Paige Harbison
Sydney P Preston
Kathleen E Upton
Kathryn L. Hardesty
Erin M. Keifer
Lucy Yanckello
Lisa Acree & Lisa Acree
Nicholas B Miller & Nicholas
Madeleine Loftus
Giuliana D'Adamio
Karan Aletty
Sarah, R, Fall
Omolola Fakunle
Shelby, E, Foote
Mark, R, Priebe
Jodi L Gay
Mitchell Esterle photoMitchell Esterle
Paige L. Anderson
Audrey G Ash
Michele, E, Judy
Marthianne, K, Hassell
Jon Martin photoJon Martin
Mitchell Adamic
Sidney Spivey photoSidney Spivey
Hannah, M, Link & Hannah
Marie-Veronique Poirier & Marie-Veronique
Harrison Kirby
Brittany Sears
Kelsi Moran photoKelsi Moran
Logan D Henize
Samantha N Cook
Megan Sherwood

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The first 100 donors to give a class gift of $20.17 will be guaranteed admittance to "Gettin' Piggy With It" this spring- a senior class tradition at Brother's BBQ for a fun night of trivia and a free buffet!