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This campaign ended on December 01, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Central Catholic High School (OR) by clicking here!
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Students4Students (S4S) is a fundraiser where current Central Catholic students raise money to directly fund our tuition assistance, co-curricular, and extracurricular programs. Students4Students is students raising money for students in service to our vision of developing critical thinkers who value equity and inclusion and are the best versions of themselves, prepared for where their gifts meet the world.

For questions please reach out to Alaina Hill, Manager of Events and Volunteers, at s4s@centralcatholichigh.org or 503.230.1056 ext.1229

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Frank, David31$2,914360080.9%
Anderson, Don44$3,6603600101.7%
Barbecue Chipps19$3,9592850138.9%
Kraus, Paul47$4,7003450136.2%
Big Blocks (Block)24$1,885270069.8%
Vaughan's Advisory (Vaughan)46$5,9053600164.0%
Gran, Stacy21$3,7242850130.7%
Ward, Aric21$2,229300074.3%
Creaming Chickens (Renfro)44$3,9193450113.6%
Branscum, Sarah11$1,475270054.6%
Marineau's Army18$1,467345042.5%
Quigley, Megan67$6,2053600172.4%
Frank, Holly45$4,7033600130.6%
Ski Team (Makowski)38$3,5972850126.2%
Holmes, Marlon29$6,7692700250.7%
Darnell Hayes (Delos Reyes)41$3,249345094.2%
Lafaye, Bryan17$4,4302700164.1%
Shattuck, Tyler24$3,6693600101.9%
The Iridescent Pelicans (Wallenius)18$2,8802850101.1%
Rainbow Armadillos (Saltveit)22$2,006345058.1%
Pyne, Steve21$2,170285076.1%
STUCO Sturgeons (Nguyen)77$7,089825085.9%
Ferguson, Murray26$2,447270090.6%
Loud Crowd (Pyne)25$2,172330065.8%
Dooney, Erin40$5,1393600142.8%
Retnani, Kamel11$1,200285042.1%
Pelster, Jeanette21$1,797345052.1%
Gorham, Annie21$3,0823000102.7%
PCLAslay (Bush)69$8,8246450136.8%
Bowman, Todd34$3,7802850132.6%
Workman, Steve8$1,255270046.5%
Guthrie, John11$1,055285037.0%
Barnett, Jessica15$1,390285048.8%
Lorentz, Ben35$3,014330091.3%
Heater, Avery32$3,117345090.3%
Clase de Profe (Dankenbring)14$1,617360044.9%
Ferguson, Mark26$2,288285080.3%
Team Chris and Friends (Abbott)35$2,825345081.9%
Pinder, Mary Beth3$2,250300750.0%
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