Research Institute for Children's Health

This campaign ended on September 14, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Case Western Reserve University by clicking here!

At the Research Institute for Children’s Health (RICH), we are working tirelessly to find cures to childhood genetic diseases. Everybody knows someone who is affected by a genetic disease. And even though every single one of them is quite rare, we are now able to think of these diseases as a group and efficiently attack them.

We work to discover a patient’s “bad” or mutated gene and develop safe, effective therapies as rapidly as possible. We can now identify many of the mutated genes that cause disease in just a few weeks with current technologies, instead of years. From here, we can mimic a patient’s cells, put them in a machine, and apply thousands of FDA tested drugs for potential therapeutic properties – an ability we did not have until now.

A key principle of the Institute is a paradigm shift in the scientific method. The "traditional" route -- to learn as much as one can about a disease process and then predict what drugs might modulate the process -- is inherently slow. Scientists never feel like they know enough and thus this phase is never complete. The philosophy of the Institute is that high-throughput screening allows us to embark on therapeutic development almost immediately, looking for drugs that might reverse, slow or halt a disease process, long before we fully understand how the disease works.

Our ultimate goal is finding cures. Financial constraints are our greatest impediments. Please give to the Research Institute for Children’s Health today!



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