Dental Medicine Immediate Needs Fund

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CWRU ALL IN Together 2020

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CWRU ALL IN Together 2020
Dental Medicine Immediate Needs Fund
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School of Dental Medicine - Dental Medicine Immediate Needs Fund

The School of Dental Medicine Immediate Needs Fund (DMINF or “The Fund”) addresses critical needs that arise at the school.      

Established during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the Fund permits the school to address immediate threats, take advantage of opportunities, and mitigate challenges that arise.    

The initial focus for the Fund will be to address the multiple ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the school, its students, faculty, staff, and patients.

The Fund has the potential to benefit multiple areas at the School of Dental Medicine. Priorities of the Immediate Needs Fund will focus on sustaining the School of Dental Medicine through challenging times.    

It may be used to support students, research, faculty and/or the CWRU Dental Clinic in the following ways:

  1. Dental Clinic Support
    1. Establishing best practices for patient care initially during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond
    2. Purchasing needed equipment and technology
    3. Maintain/expand resources to provide high quality patient-centered care
  2. Student Support
    1. Special Student Accommodations and Assistance
  3. Community Dentistry & Public Health
    1. Address the needs of at risk and/or underserved populations
  4. Technology
    1. General Technology
    2. Enhanced Remote learning
    3. Instituting Digital Clinic Activities, including utilization of Virtual Stimulation
  5. Research
    1. Faculty Research, including in the area of Covid-19
    2. Student and Resident Research
  6. Best Practices
    1. Leading the way with new/enhanced oral healthcare pre-clinical and clinical models
    2. Share resources, programs, and educational materials generated by the school 
    3. Serve as an international/national leader in the field of dental medicine

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Designation Leaderboard

Dental Medicine Immediate Needs Fund 49$9,790
Philip C. Aftoora Student Support & Assistance Fund 11$2,980
School of Dental Medicine Annual Fund 2$300
Dental Medicine Alumni Scholarship 1$25
Other 0$0

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James B. Cundiff
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Keli Chance
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Kenneth Chance
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Kenneth Chance
Thomas E Dundon DMD
Olivia Abdlrasul
Suchitra Nelson
Manish Valiathan
Cynthia Mikula
Victoria Hirsch
Thomas E. Van Dyke
Maemie Chan, D.D.S. and David Hudec Jr., D.D.S.
Winnie Wong, D.M.D.

Elizabeth matched $500
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Fred Rosenberg matched $3,000
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