This campaign ended on May 06, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Calvert School by clicking here!

Our days are very different now. 

Instead of our normal school and work routines, we are home together with our families. Many are juggling the demands of their job while helping their children with our remote learning programs. We are anxious about trips to the grocery store, social distancing, and, of course, the health of our most vulnerable community members. 

In just a few days, our faculty gracefully pivoted from traditional classroom offerings to becoming experts in Google Hangouts Meet and selfie how-to videos so that they can continue their teaching. Our students at Calvert and our alumni in high school and college transitioned to new instructional models.

We were given the foundation to support this transition and type of learning because of our donors’ support. The Calvert Fund is our emergency fund, helping to support financial aid requests, salaries for all employees, and technology for virtual learning resources. Most importantly, it is helping us respond to the School’s greatest needs. 

While we recognize this is a challenging time, we have heard from alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends who want to help. For those able to provide support, Calvert’s #GivingTuesdayNow campaign prioritizes the impact of your support:

  • Financial Aid: Calvert is committed to meeting the demonstrated need of its students and families. Given today’s financial environment, the need for financial aid support is greater than ever. 
  • Faculty & Staff Compensation: Protecting the financial security of our all of our employees.
  • Virtual Learning Resources: Enhancing technology to ensure a productive and engaging environment for the remote work of our students and staff. 

Two generous donors offered to match $1 for every $1 you give up to $13,500 for all donations in support of this effort. Gifts of any size will combine with the matching funds to strengthen the impact of each donation.



US Donor Map

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Financial Aid 47$10,569
Faculty & Staff Compensation 36$3,880
Virtual Learning Resources 6$825

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Parents
2024 5$1,250
1961 4$100
2022 3$600
2021 3$200
1948 3$1,200
2020 3$600
2019 3$749
1987 3$4,199
2025 2$700
2023 2$2,000
2027 2$125
1981 2$525
1991 2$350
1998 1$200
2011 1$25
2010 1$50
2029 1$25
2028 1$50
2026 1$100
2030 1$50
1953 1$100
1995 1$50
2009 1$100
2018 1$100
1970 1$600
2012 1$100
1993 1$1,000
1975 1$100
2017 1$10
2000 1$25
1972 1$25
1957 1$50
1992 1$25
1969 1$500

Donor affiliations

30% Alumni

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46% Parents

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15% Faculty/Staff

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4% Friends

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19% Grandparent

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Donor list

Jones Family
Josephine E.G. Worthington
Raquel Whiting Gilmer
Ian and Marni Demetriou
john s marsiglia
Tomasine Kirkland
Bonnie Giraldi
Ana Garcia-Moreno
The Woodworth
Liz Bissett
Heath Otenasek
Benjamin Coldren
Carol C Haislip
Katie Macsherry
Drue Otenasek
Kim Daly
Blake Otenasek
Tom Blanchard
Dan Colhoun
Jillian & Wally Pinkard
Dana H. Murray
Cheryl Southern
Martin and Nancy Sherman
N-Neka Smith
Patricia D Palm
Read and John Timken
Corinne M Creighton
Kathleen S Burnett
Kitsie Burnett
Amanda T. McGreevy
Amalia Bilis
John & Laura Nattans
The Buppert Family
Lori & Ned Bourne

Blake McCallister matched $3,500
Anonymous matched $10,000
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