25 for 25, The Campaign for Men's Lacrosse

This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Cabrini University by clicking here!

The journey began 25 years ago with just 16 team members, and since that time the Cabrini Men’s Lacrosse team has climbed on those shoulders and exceeded expectations with 19 conference championships, and in 2019 taking the NCAA National Championship.

As the journey begins its second quarter century, a new challenge arises, 25 for 25, and you can meet that challenge.  25 for 25, The Campaign for Men’s Lacrosse,  is raising $25,000 and when it does, a major supporter will match that with an additional $25,000!

Why? Sustaining the high impact success of Cabrini Men’s Lacrosse (now the national team to beat) and all its benefits to the University, requires support from alumni, parents and friends.  Here’s how you can make a difference today.

Please make a gift to any of the following opportunities. 

 1) Health & Wellness - Nutritional, Behavioral, Leadership and Motivational Development

2) Strength and Conditioning - Improved physical well-being & athletic performance

3) Lacrosse Balls (If you played, you understand.)

4) Equipment - Uniforms, protective gear, helmets, gloves, and more.

5) Game-Changing Experiences - Supports travel and out-of-conference competition.

6) Unrestricted Gift - Allows flexibility of Coach Colfer and his staff to meet student-athlete needs.



Designation Leaderboard

Unrestricted Gifts 31$5,94023.8%
Lacrosse Balls 6$2,3559.4%
Strength and Conditioning 2$6002.4%
Game-Changing Experiences 3$3101.2%
Health and Wellness 3$1100.4%
Equipment 0$00.0%

Donor affiliations

48% Alumni

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1% Students

Show Students

17% Parents

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6% Faculty/Staff

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8% Friends

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Donor list

Mary Lee Stefanowicz
Terence Jones
Peter Kip
Evan Allvord
Sean P. Gracey
Joe Arrell
Michael Cottone
Dan Leigh
christopher Gerard salemme
Kevin Quinn
Brian Kittredge
John R. Hanna
Ken & Tara Krug
Brian & Lindsay Eury
Enrique Montoya
John Bodnar
Brian & Liz Beacham
Lynn Myers
Ambrosino Family
Victoria Hatzas
Frank Cornely Jr.
John McSorley
John & Rose Mcsorley
Kathleen Morgan
Dave Waligurski
Ryan Hannan & Krista Hoffmann
Jason Brennan
Class of 2020 & Kevin Camp
Mikey Miz #24
christopher salemme
Ron & Sarah Garling
Joey Hoey
Ron & Maureen Garling
Andrew Burke & Kristy Burke
Kim Colfer
Nick Vass
Maggie and Annie Colfer
Michael Friel

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