Senior Giving Drive 2023

92% of 500 Donor goal
This campaign ended on June 30, 2023, but you can still make a gift to Bucknell University by clicking here!



Bucknell has been a space for all of us to learn, explore our interests and create memories. When you think about your favorite class, lab, program, student trip, research project or campus event, you should know that it was made possible in part by alumni giving back to Bucknell. Now, it’s our turn.

The Senior Giving Drive is a student-run, student-led fundraising effort that begins our tradition of life-long engagement with Bucknell.

Here's what you need to know
  • Giving back will help future Bucknellians experience the Bucknell you know and love.
  • Any amount, to any area of Bucknell that you care about (think financial aid, your college or major, athletics, diversity initiatives, etc.), helps us reach our goal of 500 senior donors. Participation is key! 🔑
  • Making a gift today, whether it’s $5 or $23, begins a tradition of life-long engagement with our alma mater. You can give via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or Venmo.
  • All donors will receive a Bucknell medallion to wear on their graduation gown during Commencement.

All donations count toward our goal. Make your gift and encourage other members of our class to join by creating an account and becoming an advocate.

🤝Meet the Committee

No updates for this campaign.

💗 The areas that mean most to the Class of 2023:
Area of supportDonorsRaised ($)
Bison Club - Men's Water Polo2$10
Center for Career Advancement1$5
Jewish Studies1$23
Foreign Language Programs - Russian Studies2$73
Chemical Engineering Department4$25
Craft Center0$0
Bison Club - Men's Soccer1$10
Bison Club - Field Hockey3$15
Physics Department2$46
CLIMBucknell Challenge Course at the Forrest Brown Conference Center at Cowan0$0
Engineering Fund - Computer Science Department4$75
Operation Student Management Investment Fund Program (SMIF)0$0
Music Department - Opera0$0
Comparative Humanities Department0$0
Bison Club - Women's Athletics2$10
Enrollment Management - POSSE5$25
History Department4$38
Bison Club - Women's Swimming & Diving9$98
Club Sport - Men's Soccer0$0
SBDC - Small Business Development Center0$0
Student Life Department0$0
Bucknell Institute for Lifelong Learning0$0
Military Science (ROTC) Department0$0
SERV - Public Safety0$0
Club Sport - Cycling Team1$5
Residential Colleges - Social Justice0$0
Bucknell University Institute Lifelong Learning Scholarship0$0
Community Harvest0$0
SBDC - Business Pitch Competition - Biz Pitch0$0
Bucknell on the Camino de Santiago0$0
Graduate Studies Department0$0
Club Sport - Men's Squash Club0$0
WVBU - University Radio0$0
Bucknell Brigade to Nicaragua0$0
Residential Colleges - Environmental College0$0
International Relations Department5$35
Music Department - Orchestra1$23
Foreign Language Programs0$0
Bison Club - Men's Basketball (Backcourt Club)3$15
Berelson Center for Jewish Life2$10
Chinese Program - East Asian Studies0$0
Club Sport - Women's Volleyball0$0
Residential Life2$28
Rooke Chapel Vocal Ensemble0$0
Club Sport - Men's Lacrosse1$5
Astronomy Department0$0
Bison Club - Athletics Pep Band0$0
BEAA Transformative Engineering Education Fund - Annual Gift0$0
Bison Club - Women's Tennis1$5
Music Department1$100
Counseling & Student Development Center0$0
Foreign Language Programs - German Studies0$0
Geology Department2$15
Undergrad Research Animal Behavior0$0
Club Sport - Men's Tennis0$0
Residential College - Discovery0$0
Bucknell Center for Sustainability & the Environment (BCSE)0$0
Campus Activities & Programs2$10
Environmental Studies Department3$35
Bucknell Green Fund0$0
Bison Club - Women's Volleyball1$5
Bison Club - Women's Soccer3$15
Bucknell in Barbados1$50
Outdoor Programs0$0
Library & Information Technology1$10
Bison Club - Cheerleading3$50
Common Ground Program0$0
Bucknell Institute for Public Policy0$0
Edward McKnight Brawley Fund - Annual Gift0$0
Club Sport - Men's Volleyball Team0$0
Freeman College of Management - Markets, Innovation, & Design5$25
Sexuality Support0$0
Provost Fund for Academic Excellence0$0
Mathematics Department2$15
Development & Alumni Relations - Student Calling Program6$35
Bison Club - Women's Basketball (Fast Break Club)2$10
Bison Club - Men's Swimming & Diving5$130
Engineering Fund - Engineering-Management Program0$0
Music Department - Symphonic Band1$5
Club Sport - Men's Rugby Team4$90
Cell Biology & Biochemistry Program2$18
Engineering Fund5$43
Teaching & Learning Center0$0
Freeman College of Management - Women in Finance Program2$10
Music Department - University Choir & Camerata0$0
Foreign Language Programs - Italian Studies3$30
Club Sport - Equestrian Team1$15
Catholic Campus Life2$10
Animal Behavior6$30
Sociology & Anthropology Department2$28
Undergraduate Research - Annual Gift1$23
Bison Athletics Fund for Excellence6$30
Bison Club - Softball4$66
Stadler Center for Poetry0$0
Women's Resource Center2$38
Education Department8$50
Freeman College of Management - Real Estate Program Fund3$33
Economics Department10$97
New Student Orientation6$60
Engineering Fund - Mechanical Engineering Department8$50
Bison Club - Women's Lacrosse7$115
Anti-Racism Fund10$109
Political Science Department7$53
Bison Club - Wrestling (Grappler Club)8$50
Dean's Funds for the Liberal Arts & Sciences32$275
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department10$73
Greek Life Support12$90
Financial Aid & Scholarships13$111
Biomedical Engineering Department7$89
Biology Department17$213
Freeman College of Management - Accounting & Financial Mgmt. Program8$73
Freeman College of Management15$118
Club Sport - Women's Soccer4$25
Bison Club - Track & Field (Spiked Shoe Club)19$113
Bucknell Fund - University Area of Greatest Need20$204
Bison Club - Women's Rowing4$25
Writing Center0$0
Bucknell en France3$30
Bison Club - Women's Water Polo4$25
Chemistry Department - Undergraduate Research2$15
Mathematical Economics Fund2$10
Dance Productions3$15
LGBTQ Resources5$30
Residential Colleges - Global/International0$0
Bison Club - Baseball7$175
Food Insecurity Relief Fund3$15
Residential Colleges - Society & Technology0$0
Art & Art History Department4$56
Club Varsity - Men's Crew10$3,941
Bison Club - Men's Lacrosse6$30
Music Department - Band0$0
Bison Club - Men's Golf1$5
Office of Global & Off-campus Education - Study Abroad Programs0$0
Freeman College of Management - Managing for Sustainability3$15
Bison Club - Men's Tennis2$51
Admissions Office3$33
Career Development Center - Bucknell Public Interest Program BPIP0$0
Neuroscience Program2$28
Classics Department3$25
Religion Department0$0
Arabic Studies1$5
Residential Colleges - Art College0$0
Samek Art Museum1$5
Philosophy Department1$5
Dean of Students0$0
Engineering Fund - Electrical & Computer Engineering Department1$5
Psychology Department7$58
Residential Colleges - Humanities College0$0
Rooke Chapel Ringers1$23
Bison Club - Football (Gridiron Club)6$35
Music Department - Jazz Band0$0
Management 1012$10
English Department - Film Media Studies1$10
Student Health Services0$0
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department - Geotech Lab0$0
Club Sport - Men's Ultimate Frisbee0$0
Bucknell Alumni Association0$0
Bison Club - Women's Golf2$10
Residential Life - CHOICE0$0
Psychology Undergraduate Research0$0
Jewish Campus Life1$5
Friends of the Library1$10
Rooke Chapel Program Fund0$0
Freeman College of Management - Global Management2$33
Multicultural Student Services0$0
Bucknell in London0$0
Foreign Language Programs - French & Francophone Studies0$0
International Student Services1$5
Geography Department1$5
English Department2$105
Community College Scholars Program0$0
Club Sport - Women's Squash Club0$0
Latin American Studies Department0$0
Club Sport - Ice Hockey Team1$5
Chemistry Department0$0
Weis Center Events0$0
Women's Studies Program1$5
Minority Student Development0$0
Bucknell Magazine0$0
Linguistics Program1$5
Griot Institute0$0
East Asian Studies0$0
Club Sport - Women's Lacrosse1$1,200
Club Sport - Baseball0$0
Muslim Student Life0$0
University Theatre Production Funds1$5
Residential College0$0
Bucknell en Espana1$5
President's Fund0$0
Public Safety0$0
Student Needs Fund0$0
Spanish Department1$10
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