Volunteer Challenge

This campaign ended on May 31, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Bryn Mawr College by clicking here!

As volunteers, our collective gifts have an immense impact on the College and the Alumnae Giving Rate, which is factored into rankings, looked at by foundations, and seen by prospective students as a key indicator of the College’s success. In September, the Alumnae Association and Executive Board launched a Challenge to grow our volunteer giving participation. Please join us!

We just reached 75% participation, unlocking another $20,000 for a total challenge match of more than $40,000 for Bryn Mawr, so far. Now, we are aiming for 100% participation to unlock an additional $10,000 from the Alumnae Association and Executive Board.

Collectively, our gifts provide vital support for students attending Bryn Mawr today and enable them to defy expectation tomorrow.

For questions contact Mary DiMarino, Director of Annual Giving at mdimarino@brynmawr.edu or (610) 526-5123.



Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Volunteer Group
Class YearDonorsDollars
Bryn Mawr Fund Volunteers 188$2,290,791
Admissions Representatives 139$100,222
Reunion Managers & Event Committees 82$106,364
Class Presidents 72$103,406
Class Editors 64$47,405
Club Presidents, Regional Ambassadors 47$51,340
Songmistresses 41$54,819
Class Communications Managers & Advisory Board 34$9,288
AAEB 16$60,805
Affinity Representatives 11$8,933
GOLD Committee 9$2,392
SW Board of Advisors 6$67,895

Donor affiliations

93% Volunteer Group

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Donor list

Magda E Pecsenye
Farar Page Elliott
Amy E Higham
Clayton Zb Bornemann
Jennifer Q. Morse
Jessica A Richter
Beth A. Radtke
Margaret Zelonis
Helen A. Thurston
Phoebe S.K. Young
Sarah Tarlow
Mary D Hewes
Ruth Hsu
Andrea Lowndes
Marjorie A. Mosier, MD
Kimberly C Gibney
Eileen K. Morales
Tracey B Ohaus
Elizabeth Soltesz Connell
Rachael Barnett
Susan K Flinn
Celeste L Provost
Alice Rosenblum Loubaton
Mariette Levine
Martha L Conway-Cole
Stacey B Harrington
Catherine Barriger Dunsby
Chanel Williams
Jean Nowakowski Goodrich
Mary Colleen Randall
Mary K Will
Kelly R Mack
Erin Slonaker
Charlotte Hand GreesonCharlotte Hand Greeson photo

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