Day of Giving

This campaign ended on March 09, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Bridgton Academy by clicking here!

Bridgton Academy's Day of Giving

Celebrating 210 Years of Making the Difference!

March 8, 2018 marks 210 years since Bridgton Academy's incorporation -- and it all started with $1,500 in donated funds.

The difference and creating opportunities are more than concepts at Bridgton Academy. They are what drove some of Bridgton's earliest settlers to raise the funds needed to create a designated learning space where their children could obtain a formal education, despite the obstacles of rural living. These endeavors resulted in an educational tradition of excellence that precedes even the great state of Maine itself—Bridgton Academy! 

Thousands of students, several generations, and 210 years later, Bridgton Academy remains as relevant as it did in 1808, and perhaps even more necessary than ever. In fact, the U.S. Department of Education reports that just this year alone, an estimated 2.2 million fewer men than women will enroll in college. In addition, public colleges in 44 states have indicated that over half a million enrolled students are ill-prepared for college-level coursework, resulting in more dollars spent in tuition to fulfill remedial coursework requirements that earn no credit toward a degree.

As we celebrate Bridgton Academy, we ask you to consider the impact this centuries-old institution has had on you and your family and the ripple effect that this one year of transformational learning can have.

We hope you will help us reach our goal of $25,000 by making your Day of Giving gift today!



Did you know?

 - Merchant Samuel Adams (North Bridgton), Dr. Samuel Farnsworth (Bridgton Center), and Mr. Enoch Perley, Esq. (South Bridgton) spearheaded the first-ever fundraising campaign to collect the money needed to incorporate Bridgton Academy.

 - Nearly $5,000 was raised by Adams, Farnsworth, and Perley in addition to their initial total pledges of $1,500.

 - In 1806 Merchant Samuel Andrews and 75 others petitioned the state of Massachusetts to consider incorporating Bridgton Academy.

 - Bridgton Academy's 1808 incorporation was a legislative enactment by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (Maine was not yet a state!) 

 - Bridgton Academy educated both males and females and served as the area's local high school until mid-1960s.



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1939 1$25
1949 1$500
1957 1$100
1959 1$25
1960 1$25
1963 1$100
1964 1$1,200
1965 6$275
1967 1$500
1971 1$100
1972 1$100
1980 1$210
1981 1$200
1985 2$150
1986 1$250
1987 1$100
1988 1$25
1989 1$1,200
1990 2$350
1999 1$100
2002 1$50
2003 2$100
2005 2$75
2014 3$1,200
2016 2$50
2017 2$300
2018 2$150

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