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This campaign ends on November 16 at 10:00AM EST

Brentwood Academy continues to invest in essential elements of our mission and ministry to nurture and challenge each whole person to the glory of God. Your giving to the Annual Fund helps provide an exceptional academic experience in a Christ-centered environment, impacting our four strategic objectives: The Whole Person, Academic Excellence, Community, and Financial Strength.

We invite you to join us and to make a gift to the Annual Fund at Brentwood Academy. Click on each of the tiles below to select the area of impact that you love the most from the following strategic initiatives: 

The Whole Person, Academic Excellence, Community, and Financial Strength.

Participation by Grade Level

The Participation by Grade Level reflects giving from Parents
10th Grade 2$1,0130.5%
11th Grade 1$1000.2%
12th Grade 7$2,8131.6%
7th Grade 3$7750.7%
8th Grade 5$5,5691.2%
9th Grade 5$5,4691.2%

Donor affiliations

89% Parents

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4% Grandparents

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8% Parent of Alum

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4% Alumni

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Donor list

John Gering
David Fox
Robin Petty
James Stansell
Mark Rittiner
Todd Cyphers
Joyce Wood
Rachel Allen
Pamela Rogers
Molly Rollins
Norman Brown
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