Stand Together - 2018 Parent Campaign

This campaign ended on March 02, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Boston Trinity Academy by clicking here!

This year, as parents, we want to stand together with our teachers and send them a clear message that we are behind them all the way. Our teachers work tirelessly and passionately to invest in our children. In fact, our teachers are so committed that they *ALL* give a part of their salary back to the school as a donation! This is unheard of in other private schools.

What better way to honor our teachers than by joining them in making a donation to the school. Our ultimate goal is to have a culture of giving at Boston Trinity where 100% of our parents make a gift each year to help sustain and grow our school. 

Last year, 45% of our parents made a gift. This year, on our march toward 100%, our goal is to reach 55% parent participation (128 parent households).

Will you please consider making a thoughtful gift based on your own financial situation, whether it's $5 or $5,000? What a message that would send to our teachers if all our parents joined them in supporting our school!

Please join us in making a gift today to honor our teachers and show them that we STAND TOGETHER with them!


In the spring, the school will hold a teacher appreciation week. Reaching certain milestones will provide goodies for our teachers:

  • 43 parents (1/3 of our goal) - Breakfast will be served to our teachers
  • 85 parents (2/3 of our goal) - Brunch will be served to our teachers
  • 128 parents (our goal!) - Lunch will be served to our teachers

This is all cumulative, so if we reach our goal, then they receive breakfast, brunch, and lunch! 

On top of that, when you make a gift, you will have the opportunity to write a personalized note to a particular teacher. The school will hand these over privately to each teacher that week as an extra encouragement. 

And to make things fun, the grade with the highest parent giving participation (or any grade that reaches 100%) will receive a pizza party AND a dress down day. If you have two students at the school, you'll need to split your gift into two transactions and check off the different grade for each gift (e.g. Instead of making one $100 gift, make one $50 gift as a 6th grade parent and one $50 gift as a 9th grade parent).

Lastly, if you share this campaign with others (like your parents) and they make a gift, then we will give you a free Boston Trinity Academy drawstring bag. (And we'll even count them toward our milestone benefits for the teachers!)

p.s. If you've already made a gift prior to this campaign, we've added your donation amount and included you in the parent giving percentage calculation (we can't list your name, though).

p.p.s. If you prefer to donate by cash or check, we can manually add your gift and change the parent percentage on GiveCampus, but we can't list your name here.



Grade Challenge

Child's GradeDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Grade 07 30$16,1613488.2%
Grade 11 30$7,2824173.2%
Grade 08 23$4,6113271.9%
Grade 09 22$12,3184351.2%
Grade 12 21$2,4394052.5%
Grade 10 20$1,8953754.1%
Grade 06 12$1,1171485.7%

Donor affiliations

3% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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Donor list

Voytek Wieczorek
Vania Lee
Laura A Perkins
Carol and David Brown
Douglas Corvera
Tamiko Neal
Amgad Reiad
Thomas P Brown Jr
Hilary Echols
Ron Echols
Arnolt Ramos
DJ Min
Alexis moore
Theodore P Margaris
Judd & Patricia Hill
Dieula Desulme
Ketelie Volcimus and Fedner Barronville
Marianne Kane
Sugeily Santos
Fatima Nunez
Brenda Y. Webb
Clayton and Megan Webb
Lifang Lou
Diane C Barylick
Jianwang Li & Xiuqin Feng
Ijeoma Orji
Teresa Mason
Hiya Bhattacharjee
A. Rafael Martinez
Dania A. Nova
Caleb Martinez
Leonor Rosen
Janice Benjamin
Emily Hood

Lisa A Rivers matched $235
Kathy Szatkowski photoKathy Szatkowski matched $500
Daniel Szatkowski photoDaniel Szatkowski matched $325
No Challenges

Free Boston Trinity Academy draw string tote bag.