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138% of $100,000 goal
This campaign ended on October 27, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Boston Trinity Academy by clicking here!
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Please join our building campaign to transform our campus and ensure that we provide a world-class Christian education for years to come.

The goals of the campaign are as follows:

  • New athletic center for sports, recreation, pep rallies, graduation, and other large events.
  • New main entrance that is staffed to improve security and provide a more welcoming, centralized entrance. 
  • New landscaping to beautify our campus, add green space, improve traffic flow, and prevent outsiders from dangerously cutting through our property. 

At Boston Trinity Academy, we are committed to providing all promising students regardless of their financial means with a first-rate Christian education. However, limitations in our facilities are hampering our excellence, growth, and ability to attract the best students from all backgrounds. This is about ensuring that the legacy of a world-class Christian education is passed on to future generations.

These three projects will cost a total of $7.5 million. To date, we have already raised over $5 million! In faith, our goal is to raise the remaining funds by October 26 and begin construction on all three projects this spring. Our goal for the online portion of the campaign through GiveCampus is $100,000. 

You can make a difference!

We can’t reach our goal without your help. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can. Please also spread the word to all your friends and family. Click on the "Advocates" tab above to share the campaign, make a matching/challlenge gift, or upload a short video telling others why this campaign is important. 

* For gifts over $2,500, please consider donating by check so we can avoid processing fees and you can maximize your gift.

To see all our drawings, go to bostontrinity.org/legacydrawingsQuestions or need help being an Advocate? Contact us at legacy@bostontrinity.org.

And the grand total is...

As of today, we have raised a total of $269,358.45! Thank you!!!

That's $138,320 from GiveCampus and $131,038.45 from offline gifts. We are overwhelmed by your generosity. Together, as a whole community, we did something amazing. If you'd still like to make a gift, it's not too late. Now that the campaign is over, please make all online donations here.

Now it's time to watch the magic happen. But first, a happy dance to thank you for your support!

1856 days ago by Danny Tao
THANK YOU! We did it!!!

Thank you to everyone who made the Legacy Campaign a success! We blew past our $100,000 goal. Stay tuned for an update on Monday with the total online and offline giving amounts plus a very special THANK YOU VIDEO! Let's just say the ENTIRE school got into making it! :-)

If you'd still like to make a gift, it's not too late! We are still taking donations as we try and reach our total $7.5 million goal. As the formal GiveCampus campaign is now closed, you'll need to make the gift here.

1858 days ago by Danny Tao
7 hours to go with matches still left!

Thank you to everyone who made a gift to the Legacy Campaign. We are in awe of the enthusiastic support we've received.

Let's finish strong! If you have not yet made a gift, please do so before midnight. 

We have one last matching gift of $5,000 that needs to be fully tapped. And we need just 4 more alumni from the Class of 2009 to close out Peter Hill's match - don't let your classmate down!

1859 days ago by Danny Tao
$125,000 and one last match!

We're over $125,000!! Even more exciting:  ANOTHER donor wants us to end strong and has given a matching gift of $5,000!

We have just a few hours left in our Legacy Campaign, so we don't have any time to lose. Make a gift now, share the campaign, and let's end with a bang!

1859 days ago by Jon Douthit
$6,630 to go to reach $125,000!!!

Over the course of the day, your contributions have met half of our $12,500 match. THANK YOU! We only have $6,630 to go to claim the other half and reach $125,000! Will you help us get there tonight by making a gift and sharing the campaign with all your friends and family? 

Together, we can build a legacy of excellence, opportunities, and impact for our children!

1860 days ago by Danny Tao
36 hours to go!!

We have 36 hours left in our online Legacy Campaign! You've already helped us reach our $100,000 goal, but I know we can get even higher.

In fact, a donor called us this morning saying they want to us to get another $25,000 and hit $125,000. So, they're going to match half of that if we raise the other half!

If you haven't given yet (or want to give again!) now is the time! But don't stop there: get the word out! Are you a parent? Tell other parents! Are you an alum? Text your friends and get them to give. Know anyone else who would love what Boston Trinity is doing? Help us spread the word!

The excitement is building here as we soar higher and higher. Students are buzzing as our vision is becoming a reality. Let's see how far we can go in the next 36 hours!

1860 days ago by Jon Douthit
We hit $100,000!!!

You did it!!! You all helped us to reach $100,000. We are so in awe of your generosity and commitment to BTA. 

So...you don't think we can get to $125,000, do you? Let's see how high we can get! Please keep the donations coming. There just might be another happy dance at the finish line...

1861 days ago by Danny Tao
2 days left and $10,000 to go!!!

Today, our basketball and baseball coach, Walles Stokes, shares from his heart about the need for our very own Athletic Center. 

We are so close to $100,000, I can taste it! PARENTS AND ALUMNI, please share with everyone in your class that you know and enourage them to join you in making a gift. With everyone's participation, we can do it! 

1861 days ago by Danny Tao
3 days left and a new $7,500 match!!!

We have 3 days left in the campaign. Please make a gift today and help us cross the $100,000 line. We have a generous donor who has agreed to help us end the campaign with a $7,500 match. We also need just 8 ALUMNI and 11 FACULTY/STAFF/COACHES to claim additional matches. Please don't let us lose these opportunities. Your gift of any amount will make a mountain of difference!

1862 days ago by Danny Tao
We reached $75,000!

Thank you to everyone who helped us to cross the $75,000 mark! This is our final week of the campaign. Please help us finish strong. We'd love to reach (and surpass!) our $100,000 goal by Friday! Make a gift today and share the campaign (with the links above) with all your friends and family. 

Your gift will be felt for generations to come! :-)

1863 days ago by Danny Tao
Show your friends you've given!

We're almost to the home stretch! We're just $3,500 shy of $75,000 and we're hoping to get there by Sunday! Now's the time to give and encourage others to give at bostontrinity.org/legacy.

Did you know one of the best ways to get the word out is to change your profile picture to the "I Gave" badge on social media?

Not only will your friends see you've given, but whenever you post or comment, they'll see your profile picture and be reminded that you're supporting this important campaign!

To change your picture on Facebook:

  1. Right click (or tap and hold) the picture above and click "download" or "save image as". (You can also find the image here.)
  2. Save the picture to your computer/phone/tablet.
  3. Log in to Facebook and go to your profile.
  4. Click/tap "Update my profile picture.
  5. Click/tap "Upload Photo".
  6. Locate and select the downloaded image
  7. You can set it as a "temporary profile picture" which will automatically reset your profile picture after the specified time.
  8. The description will display in the post that highlights your new profile picture. You can write something like, "I'm gave to Boston Trinity Academy's Legacy Campaign. I hope you will join me and make a gift today at bostontrinity.org/legacy."

Thanks for your generous support and all of your help getting the word out for the Legacy Campaign!

1865 days ago by Jon Douthit
A man of the cloth speaks!

Former Chaplain, Steve Armandt, pays us a virtual visit today to encourage us to keep going! We've got $3,500 of the $10,000 match left before Sunday. And we need ALUMNI and FACULTY AND STAFF to participate so we don't lose those matches as well. Let's keep going through the weekend and hit $75,000 by Monday!

1866 days ago by Danny Tao
1% ---> 100%!!!

When we first started the campaign, Frank came into my office one day. He told me that he really felt like God was directing him and Becky to give 1% of the $7.5 million campaign and that God would take care of the rest. I almost fell out of my chair - that's a $75,000 gift for a lifelong teacher! While Frank and Becky have shared this story publicly, they don't do it out of pride, but out of the sincere hope that it will communicate the importance of this project to the future of BTA. 

I hope their sacrificial giving inspires you to give as generously as you can as well. I know our online goal is $100,000, but in reality we need to raise so much more. I'm praying we blow way past $100,000 so that we can see this vision realized. Please take advantage of our matches so we don't lose them and give today!  

P.S. If you'd like to give an amount over $2,500, please send us a check offline. 

1867 days ago by Danny Tao
The "front" office speaks!

BTA, we are halfway through the week! We have $8,780 left of our $10,000 match as well as matches specifically for ALUMNI and FACULTY, STAFF, AND COACHES. Please don't let us lose these valuable offers.

Today we're pleased to hear from some of our "front" office staff, Katia Andrade and Geisa Silveira-Baptista. They share why a new main entrance will be beneficial beyond being able to really be called the front office from now on. :-)

1868 days ago by Danny Tao
Even more matches added!

We're off to a good start this week! On top of a $10,000 match, the Douthits have made a $200 match and the Westons have made a $460 match ONLY for our FACULTY, STAFF, AND COACHES (watch her awesome plea video in the Advocates section). Let's not lose the matches we have this week - please give or share the Campaign today and make the students in our video happy!

1869 days ago by Danny Tao
Beloved former faculty member Mike Chen urges us to keep the giving going!

Thank you to everyone who helped us to cross the $50,000 mark this past weekend. We are now at the halfway point of the Campaign. We are excited to announce that another donor has offered a $10,000 matching gift to be claimed by this Sunday, Oct. 21. Will you help us to receive the whole match and even hit $75,000 by Sunday? Please make your gift today and also share the Campaign with your friends and family. We can't do this without YOUR help!

Today we are honored to hear from Dr. Michael Chen. Mike is the Founder and former Director of the Trinity Institute for Leadership and Social Justice for 11 years. As you may know, the Trinity Institute is the central program of our school that works with all our students to develop world-changing leaders. When complete, the Legacy Campaign will strengthen our community and our culture of excellence in tandem with our passionate faculty and our transformative curriculum. Your gift can help make this happen! 

1870 days ago by Danny Tao
Middle schoolers vs. the "front" door!

Thanks to everyone who has made a donation since yesterday. We've got $1,350 of the match left - don't let us miss out! ALUMNI, we need 29 of you (and 9 from the class of 2009) to make a donation of any amount so we don't lose our alumni matches. We've almost hit the halfway mark - let's blow past $50,000 this weekend!

Today, our middle schoolers share a day in their life dealing with our "front" door. This door is used for drop off and pick up. However, it leads into an unstaffed hallway, so it needs to be locked during the school day. This leads to frustration by our students, who like to be outside during lunch and breaks. It also leads to confusion by our visitors, who don't realize they have to go to the back of the school where our "front" office is. It all makes sense, doesn't it? :-) 

1873 days ago by Danny Tao
Help us not to lose $2,400 before Monday!

Thanks to everyone who's donated so far! We've been able to tap $7,600 of our $10,000 matching offer. Let's not lose the remaining $2,400, which expires on Monday. And don't forget about our matches specifically for ALUMNI. Please share the campaign today and spread the word!

Today's video, created by Duncan Smith '16, highlights the importance of athletics in our curriculum. Your donations are not just building a gym. By supporting the Legacy Campaign, you are building sound bodies, teamwork, perseverance, friendship, and leadership in all our students. The lack of indoor athletic facilities has been a hardship for our students. Today, you have an opportunity to change this!

Go Lions! 

1874 days ago by Danny Tao
Don't miss out! Keep it raining with our matching gifts!

Today, Frank shares an inspiring story about how God is pouring down His blessings on our Legacy Campaign like the rain that ended the drought in Elijah's day. You can help us to keep the rain coming by making a donation today.

We have several matching and challenge gifts that we don't want to lose. In particular, we have a $10,000 matching gift from the Rauxes that is only good until MONDAYFor every dollar you donate, it will be matched dollar for dollar. Pease don't miss out on these opportunities to double your gift. 

Alumni, you also have a unique opportunity. For every alumni who makes a donation of any amount, the Olokos will donate $25 up to $1,000! We need 40 alumni to step up today!

Please give today and make sure we get every dollar we can for the Legacy Campaign!

1876 days ago by Danny Tao
Happy dance time - we reached $25,000!

You did it! We reached $25,000! Frank was so happy he couldn't contain himself. But we've only just begun. Let's keep the momentum going over the weekend. Make a donation, create a matching gift, and/or share the campaign. Can we get to $35,000 over the long weekend? Remember, if you've got a gift over $2,500, send us a check and we can add it to our total goal.  

1880 days ago by Danny Tao
$4,500 to go for the Happy Dance!

Thanks to everyone who helped us get over the $20,000 hump! We have $4,500 to go in order for Frank to share his happy dance. We know he's been practicing because we hear him in his office with the door closed and music going.

If you've already made a donation, please share the campaign using one of the links above. With your help, we can reach today's goal!

Here is the video of the drawings we shared at the Kickoff. Enjoy!

1881 days ago by Danny Tao
In 2 days, we've raised...

Were you there at our Kickoff on Monday night? If so, then you got to experience the palpable energy and excitement as we unveiled our building plans and launched our Legacy Campaign. 

One of the highlights was cheering alongside our middle school girls soccer team. They brought so much passion and fired us up to support BTA. The girls then went above and beyond. After cheering, they presented $105 of their own money as the first gift of the evening. The crowd went wild! It was so moving seeing these middle school girls giving sacrificially to this campaign.

Will you follow their lead? We raised over $11,000 at the kickoff and our online campaign is now over $18,500. Thank you to everyone who's helped to make this happen! Right now, we want to make a big push to get over $25,000 by TOMORROW! Can you help us make that happen by making a gift or asking your friends and family to help?

If we get to $25,000 by tomorrow night, we'll post a video of our Headmaster, Frank Guerra, doing a happy dance! Give today and bring a smile to all our faces. :-)

1882 days ago by Danny Tao

1882 days ago by Danny Tao

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