2021 Senior Class Gift

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This campaign ends on June 30 at 11:59PM EDT
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The Class of 2021, like all classes before us and those to come after, has been supported by the generosity of donors - alumni, parents, friends, even faculty and staff and fellow students.

They've donated to things that we've all benefited from - facilities development, programs, and the scholarship fund - where dollars meet the most pressing, current needs of Boston Trinity Academy and students like us. 

Now it's our turn. Let's join together to reach 100% class participation - 39 donors - before we graduate and hopefully, also surpass our fundraising goal! Let's leave Boston Trinity Academy better than we found it. Generous BTA Faculty/Staff and the Parent Association will match your gift dollar for dollar. Double your gift. Double your impact.

First, it's just important that you give at all! Any gift of any amount truly does make a difference. 

Second, you are donating funds to purchase coat hooks, storage units and custom-built cabinetry for the upper school cloak room. Mr. Sucher's old office is being refurbished into a multipurpose cloak room. This gift will be unprecedented in the history of the school!  This gift will have a multi-department impact! Each department (Arts, Lighting, Uniforms, College Counseling, the Parent Association) will have its own dedicated space now. Not only is this gift practical and will benefit future generations of students, but it also reflects our senior year experience of leaving a legacy of organization. 

Third, the gift will be memorialized with a special plaque that will honor the Class of 2021 for their generosity.

If we reach 100% class participation, we will celebrate with a coffee and donut party!!! 

Please make your gift today! Use a debit or credit card online (preferably) on this campaign page by clicking on the "give" button. You can also chose to give anonymously by clicking on the 'do not show my name' button on the giving form. Also, you may mail a check or drop off cash to the gift officers or Ms. D'Cruz. If you chose to give offline, we can add your name (unless you wish to be anonymous) to the campaign page and  your gift will count towards class participation . Let's keep this high school tradition alive, show our Lion Pride, and make this happen for BTA! 

! There are lots of ways for you to further support this campaign.

  • Make a gift of $20 or more and receive a stainless steel BTA Alumni water bottle for your participation. Only the first 15 seniors to donate will receive this!
  • Share what you'll miss most: While making a gift of any size, share what you'll miss most about BTA! Is it your friends? Teachers? a campus hot spot? a classroom experience? We'll share these as updates on the campaign so you can look back and reminisce all together!
  • Help spread the word about this campaign: 
    Step 1: Share this page with your classmates
    Step 2: Create a match or challenge: Leverage your gift to encourage others to give! Offering a Match means that you’ll give a number of dollars for every dollar or donor that the campaign receives up to your specified maximum gift amount. Offering a Challenge means that you’ll give a gift if the campaign receives a certain number of donors or dollars.
    Step 3: Record a short video: Tell your classmates why you support Senior Class Gift, and why they should do the same. TIP: Shoot the video in landscape mode!  After you upload the video, we'll provide you with a link to share with your classmates. When you share the unique link with your friends they will see your video and have the chance to support the campaign too.

Thank you for your generous support!

Emma, Esther and Peter - Lead Senior Class Gift Officers
Eirene, Josiah, Julyssa and Rachel - Senior Class Gift Officers

Thank you for your audacity to dream!

Dear Class of 2021,

I am extremely pleased to inform you all that we did it! Not only did we reach our goal of 100% participation, but we also reached our audacious goal of $5,000! I hope that all of you are proud of what we have achieved - it truly is historical and will provide so much for the school after we leave. This project that we are funding will leave a big footprint on the school and they will always have us to thank and remember. I cannot begin to express how proud I am of all of us. I must admit there were times of doubt, but I am so proud of how we pulled together and pulled this off. Being your Advancement Prefect has been a blessing and I am so grateful for the experience, and for all of you. Completing this project has truly been a rewarding experience and has made the hard work and incessant emailing all worth it in the end! 

Once again, thank you all for your support to our school. I hope that this giving experience will stay with you and that you will continue to give back to our school, which has given us so much. I will always be grateful for our class, and now all of the subsequent students of Boston Trinity Academy will be grateful for us too!


Emma Verrengia

Dear Classmates,

This year’s achievement with the class gift goes to show our collective teamwork, motivation, and love for this school, and I hope you are all proud to have been a part of it. As we move on now to college and careers, let us remember all that Boston Trinity has given us over the years in advising, education, and above all, genuine care for our characters. When you donated to this year's gift, you donated to the continuation and betterment of that love and care for students years to come. It’s been a pleasure serving as Admissions and Marketing Prefect, and once again, thank you all. 

Peter Halvorsen

PS: Please see our final video below. Thank you for everything!

54 days ago by Georgina D'Cruz
Let's get to $500! Help us get closer to our goal!

Dear Class of 2021,

Another update on the class gift! This one however comes with an exciting offer for all of us. We only have $812 more to give as a class! We are SO close, but sadly, because we hit our 100% participation goal, giving has gone down significantly. We now have a new incentive to offer all of you to revamp the giving on the class website. If we raise at least $500 by the end of the minimester (something we did in 6 days at the beginning of the campaign), we will get coffee and donuts at our next Wednesday meeting, provided by the Development Office. Another and perhaps more exciting offer is that those who give at least $35 before the end of the minimester will receive a free Chick-fil-A sandwich (online students, we will work an alternative option out for you)! For more details, please see Peter's personal plea video:

Thanks again for your support! You are amazing! 

Let's finish strong.


Emma and Peter

117 days ago by Georgina D'Cruz
We have reached 100% participation!

Dear Class of 2021,

I want to thank you SO much for helping us reach our goal! That’s right - we have reached 100% participation!! This is such an amazing feat, especially given the fact that some of us are online and some of us are across the world! This has not been accomplished in past years and we were able to do it in the midst of a pandemic! I am so very proud of our class. We always knew we were the best class and now we have the proof! So thank you so much for your support! I am so grateful!


Emma Verrengia
Advancement Prefect

143 days ago by Georgina D'Cruz
We have surpassed our halfway point in one month!

Dear Class of 2021,

Thank you all so much for your dedication to our senior class gift. For those of you who may not be aware, we have already surpassed our halfway point for our give campaign. We hope that you all realize how significant this is. We have given a total $1,307 in one month. This is an absolutely amazing achievement and we cannot even begin to express our gratitude for your support of our gift. This feat truly shows how incredibly special we are as a class and as leaders, and I cannot wait until we achieve our goal of 100% participation, and of raising the money to give back to BTA, a very special place that has given us so much. That being said, we are extremely close to 100% participation… just a few classmates left to give! I hope that those of you who haven’t given yet consider giving as soon as possible! Now that we are closing in on 100% participation, we are probably going to start official fundraising. We will keep you posted on any developments, which should be coming in the next few weeks. 

Again, thank you all so much for this unprecedented and audacious giving. We have given more in one month than last year's class gave all year. We hope you all know that this is going to be such a blessing to the school, and we also hope you know that you have made us so proud to be part of such a fantastic class. 

With admiration,

Emma Verrengia and Peter Halvorsen
Advancement Prefects

155 days ago by Georgina D'Cruz
We've hit $1500! We are so happy!

Dear Seniors,

Thank you all so much for this past week of giving. We have reached a momentous milestone. We have achieved 50% class giving in just over a week and on top of that, we surpassed our goal of $1500! I am so proud of how our class came together this past week and can’t wait to see how this comradery continues throughout our campaign! Please watch our video below. We are so grateful for your support!

Now, since we have been stretching ourselves to achieve higher and higher goals for the first week, asking for yet another large milestone feels natural. We would love it if we could now shoot to raise $2000 by the end of the year. Hopefully the season of Christmas will fill you with generosity and the spirit of giving and you decide to put it towards the class gift! I hope that those of you who haven’t gifted yet would step up and help us fill this gap so that we can have more participation because that truly is the goal!

Again, thank you all so much. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Eirene, Emma, Esther Josiah, Julyssa, Rachel and Peter
The Senior Class Gift Officers

183 days ago by Georgina D'Cruz
We've raised $1000! Thank you so much!

My dearest classmates! 

I want to thank all of you who have donated thus far and helped us raise $500 dollars as a class in only six days. This is a BTA record for the fastest $500 raised by a senior class - this will be a feat of legend for following senior classes to try to live up to. Because of the gift matching from the faculty/PA, we have already raised a total of $1000 - an unprecedented amount of money for only six days of the giving campaign! I am so proud of our class. I’ve always known that we are a special group, and achieving this monumental milestone so early on is such an encouragement and validation to me and everyone else on this project. On behalf of all the class gift officers, Peter, Ms. D’Cruz, and myself, thank you all so much for your generosity so early on, and please keep that giving attitude. 

So far, a third of the class has given to our gift! This is also really great news. Remember that our goal for this is NOT to raise the $5000; it’s to participate in this endeavor as a class and achieve 100% participation, which, again, has never been achieved before. I hope that you all consider giving soon. It isn’t necessary seeing as we technically have until the end of this school year, but it will be much more fun to see the entire class participate early, and it will make my job a lot easier!  

I now want to ask you all to strongly consider stretching again to reach $1500 by the end of the week since we have already reached our $1000 milestone. While this may sound like a lot of money to raise in only 3 days, it isn’t actually. We as a class would only have to raise $250 because the faculty/PA would match our gift entirely, resulting in another $250. This would be the equivalent of 10 of you donating $25 over the next three days, preferably those of you who may not have given to the campaign yet. For more details and encouragement on this new mission, please check out Peter’s Personal Plea Video below

Again, thank you all for your dedication and giving to this gift. I am so excited to continue raising money for this truly audacious and transformational gift. We can do it!


189 days ago by Georgina D'Cruz

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