By Julia Szabo

This campaign ended on February 29, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Bluffton University by clicking here!

Dear alumni, friends, students and parents,

The office of Alumni Engagement used to host a 2-week "Phonathon" fund-raising campaign during the month of February with Bluffton students calling you from our Alumni House here on campus. I have noticed in recent years that fewer of you are picking up the phone. And who can blame you?  I think I receive at least 3 calls every week from various non-profits asking me to help them out. All those charitable causes are worthy of my help, but that many phone requests does make me avoid answering the phone!

So....we are not having a Phonathon calling campaign this year!

Can you help me raise at least half the funds we usually raise during Phonathon by making a gift to Bluffton during the month of February and sharing this campaign on Facebook and Twitter?

We know you love Bluffton University! You had excellent professors who, undoubtedly, still stay in touch with you... You probably met your best friend and significant sweetheart here... You had great times with your teammates... You got your first job opportunity because employers know that Bluffton graduates have top skills.

Please share your love of Bluffton by making a gift this month and I will send you a #Love4BlufftonU static cling for your car window. 

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29% Alumni

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2% Students

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2% Parents

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10% Faculty/Staff

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Tricia Bell
Jean Cossey
Tim and Brenda Byers
Gary & Carla Gibson Habegger
Gary & Mary Ellen Simmons
Robert & Mary Kauffman
vicki zink
Joan Nally
Laura Yost
Ron Huber
Lindsay Williams
Sherri Winegardner
Sarah Coffman
Oliver and Doris Clemens
Kenneth E Simmers, Jr
Thomas Blackburn
Judith Hardesty
Ron Lora
Ryan & Melissa Selhorst
Audra Oglesbee
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Chris Moser


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Every donor who makes a gift of at least $10.00 during the month of February will receive a #Love4BlufftonU static cling.