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By Julia Szabo

This campaign ended on December 31, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Bluffton University by clicking here!

Each year the Bluffton University Women's Council awards "Professional Enrichment Grants" of $125-$300 each to female students who wish to attend a national conference of professionals in their chosen career.  In the past eight years, the Women's Council has helped 77 female students enrich their undergraduate experience with opportunities for professional growth.

Here are some of the conferences our grant recipients have attended:

        *Academy of Food & Nutrition Convention and Expo
        *Chicago Center for Urban Life & Culture
        *Dynamic Women in Business
        *MCC Student Seminar at United Nations
        *Mennonite Health Assembly
        *Mennonite Economic Development Associates Convention
        *National Youth Workers Convention
        *North America Drama Therapy Association Convention
        *Ohio Music Educators Association Convention
        *Ohio TESOL Conference

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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1952 1$25
1953 1$100
1954 2$80
1958 1$50
1963 1$100
1966 1$50
1968 2$50
1969 3$175
1973 1$50
1977 1$50
1978 2$600
1979 3$150
1990 1$30
1991 1$25
2013 1$25
2014 1$10

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8% Faculty/Staff

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4% Friends

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Jackie Wyse-Rhodes photoJackie Wyse-Rhodes
Anita Lehman
Kayla E. (Geiger) Welch
E. Kay Ahten
Julia Szabo photoJulia Szabo

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Jackie Wyse-Rhodes photoJackie Wyse-Rhodes gave $100 because $600 was donated in 31 days.