Giving is in our DNA: Giving Tuesday 2021

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This campaign ended on December 01, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Bishop Hendricken High School by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorMatt Masseur gave $7,500 because 75 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorTom Harkins gave $15,000 because 150 donors gave

Giving is in our DNA. It's the very fabric that binds Bishop Hendricken High School together through time, space, and generations. Our school is quite literally built on giving -- moments when heroic givers step up and help others without counting the cost. 

This #GivingTuesday, we're celebrating the gifts that have been transformative in our school's history and the lives of our people. All of these stories -- and the many that go untold, but happen each and every day here -- are only possible because of givers.

Help us reach our 400 donor goal by stepping up to be the next great giver! All gifts -- no matter the size -- make a mark on our school's history. When you give, you can choose where you'd like to make your impact: The FUND for HENDRICKEN, The ASCEND Fund for teachers, or the Hawks Helping Hawks fund for students in need of lunch.

After all, when you're part of the Bishop Hendricken family, giving is in your DNA.

Dr. Frank DeLucia '70

In 2019, Dr. Frank DeLucia ‘70 was paging through The Hawk Insider from his Florida home when he saw a photo of the newly developed Leadership Academy. He immediately wanted to learn more, and once he did, he wanted to give.

In honor of his 50th reunion, Dr. DeLucia gave the single largest gift in school history to the program. Consistently, Dr. DeLucia has thanked Bishop Hendricken for giving him the opportunity to help, a living embodiment of 2 Corinthians 9:7: “for God loves a cheerful giver.”

This #GivingTuesday, be a cheerful giver like Dr. DeLucia. Large amounts aren’t necessary, but a belief in the good Hawks will do when given opportunity is.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas

**We wouldn't be Bishop Hendricken if we didn't aim higher! With your help, we absolutely SMASHED our #GivingTuesday goal of 400. But, we want to do even more. Help us get to 455 donors by midnight!**

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Br. Thomas Leto

In 2008, Br. Thomas Leto recognized the need to give every young man -- regardless of his abilities -- the option of a Bishop Hendricken education. So, he rounded up legions of givers who believed the same, and via their gifts, created the Options Program.

The gifts of belief and mission are most important. This #GivingTuesday, your donations are an investment in both.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
$5,000 dollar-for-dollar from Brian Keefe '10

Brian Keefe '10 is ready to put a bow on this #GivingTuesday! He'll match all donations dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000 beginning right now! Amount doesn't matter, but your participation does.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Brian Cordeiro '99 & Dr. Daniel S. Harrop '72

In 2003, Brian Cordeiro '99 began planting the seeds of the Arts at Bishop Hendricken that we know today -- reimagining the curriculum and building new opportunities with his arts faculty. Alongside him, Dr. Daniel S. Harrop '72 stepped in to help fund the dazzling 350-seat theater.

Cordeiro gives the gift of programming, and Harrop helps give it a home. Now, the program is a true gift to our community. Help us continue innovative programming by making your own gift this #GivingTuesday.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Joseph Healey '84

Joseph P. Healey '84 was raised in a single-parent household. Bishop Hendricken was only possible for him thanks to a full scholarship from the Knights of Columbus. In 2001, he began giving the gift of Hendricken to young men just like him.

A gift to Hendricken on #GivingTuesday will create more opportunities for more students, just like Joe Healey.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Ohhhhhhh we're halfway thereeeeee!

It's just after 2pm and we've got just over 200 donors -- WE'RE HALFWAY THERE! (OH, LIVIN' ON A PRAYER)

Help us get to 400 by midnight to show the world that at Bishop Hendricken, giving is in our DNA.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Fred & Fran Arrigan P'91

In the fall of her son’s freshman year, Fran Arrigan walked by the baseball field and noticed some pesky weeds poking through – so she picked them and offered to help take care of the fields. She and her husband, Fred, quickly became full-time helpers for Hendricken Athletics.

And, they've never left. Year-round, you'll find them here – taking care of all things Hendricken Baseball and giving to the school, whether a contribution to the FUND or Athletics.

This #GivingTuesday, know that your gift will fulfill a need and lend a helping hand to your Bishop Hendricken family, just like Fred and Fran.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Class of 2012 Challenge from CJ Maderios '12!

CJ Maderios '12 reached out last night and said he wanted to give back. He's given $1,000 to Bishop Hendricken this #GivingTuesday, and he's challenging the entire Class of 2012 to match him cumulatively dollar-for-dollar!

Any and all donors from the Class of 2012 will count toward the match up to $1,000. Don't forget to note Alumnus 2012 as your affiliation!

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Classes of the 1960s!

Today, Chip Page '68 gave in honor of the Brothers of the Holy Cross. He reminds us that the Brothers gave the very educational foundation of our school in its first 10 years of existence! 

Give in honor of the givers that inspire you today.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Lorraine Martel

In 1968, Lorraine Martel began a 22-year career teaching at Bishop Hendricken. When she passed in 2010, she left a lasting impact by leaving our school an endowment valued at approximately $150,000 today.

The ultimate givers in our school's history are our faculty and staff. This #GivingTuesday, give in honor of the rich tradition of talented and dedicated teachers who change lives each day, just like Ms. Martel.

And, consider giving back to the next generation of great faculty by designating your gift to the ASCEND Fund for teachers.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Tom Harkins '76 wants to ramp things up!

Tom Harkins '76, Chairman of the Board of Advisors, is ready to ramp things up this #GivingTuesday. He's issuing a whopping challenge of $15,000 for another 150 donors in 5 hours (by 4pm). 

Help push us past half our goal as we reach midday!

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Ron Phipps '75 & The Hunger Walk

Giving to those who need us is the point of a Bishop Hendricken education. In 1975, Ron Phipps ‘75 and a group of students not only understood that ideal but took it to the next level by creating the Bishop Hendricken Hunger Walk. Since then, each and every year – and even virtually in the middle of a pandemic – Hendricken students have stepped up to give.

If you give the gift of Hendricken, students will give back tenfold to others. By making a gift today, you’re inspiring the next generation of Hendricken men to give back, too. Pay it forward, just like Ron Phipps and the Class of 1975.

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Good progress!

Morning, Hawks! We're rolling with good momentum this #GivingTuesday, but we've got to ramp up if we're going to hit our 400 giver goal! 

Michael Solomon '84 stopped by to personally hand his donation to Mark DeCiccio '03! 

You can give online here, drop off a check, or send a carrier pigeon -- just GIVE!

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Save Hendricken

Just 10 years after opening, Bishop Hendricken was set to shut its doors. In response, Mrs. Ann Loffredo and a group of dedicated parents spearheaded an all-out blitz to keep the school open. 

The giving power of a community is unmatched and unparalleled. Today's the day for us to give together -- just like Mrs. Loffredo, her group of dedicated parents, and the Congregation of Christian Brothers -- to ensure Bishop Hendricken stays strong for the next 60 years. 

902 days ago by Christian Kabbas
The Morris Family

In the mid-1950s, Bishop Russell J. McVinney visited the Morris Family farmhouse to ask for 34 acres of land to build a Catholic school for young men. Without hesitation or thought, Mr. and Mrs. Morris gave him permission for whatever property he needed to make the school a reality.

Since then, their gift has benefited generations of young men and their families -- many of which they never even met. Imagine the impact you could have today, too!

903 days ago by Christian Kabbas


Today, alumni, parents, students, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends are going to make their own mark on Bishop Hendricken history.

Help us add 35 more donors by 7:50am for $7,500 to start this #GivingTuesday off right and get us to 25% goal!

Giving is in our DNA.

903 days ago by Christian Kabbas
Only 40 away from unlocking $7,500!

We are just 40 donors away from reaching Matt Masseur's '86 challenge! 

If we can get to 105 donors by 7:50am, we'll add $7,500 dollars to our total AND be over 25% to our goal.

Let's get this done.

903 days ago by Christian Kabbas
First Challenge!

We've already got progress, and Matt Masseur '86 wants to keep the momentum GOING!

He's pledging $7,500 if we can get 75 donors from now until 7:50am tomorrow morning.

Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? NEVER.

We've got 30 givers now; help us get to 105 by morning to unlock the gift!

903 days ago by Christian Kabbas
The Basis of the Brotherhood

Some 160 years ago, the gift and foundation of the Bishop Hendricken brotherhood was born on the deck of a steamboat in the Atlantic. The giving spirit of two clergymen has paved the way for a community built on giving -- a rich history of people stepping forward to help without counting the cost.  

This #GivingTuesday, we need you to step up and be the next great giver, just like Fr. Hendricken and the Lutheran minister.

903 days ago by Christian Kabbas

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