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You Shattered Both Challenges! 

You are amazing

In just three days, 200+ of you proudly gave to 1,000+ of us, unlocking a $3,500 gift, matching a $2,500 gift and raising incredible funds for Bentley Service-Learning and Civic Engagement! 

Including donations made online and by phone, you helped us raise a total of $16,905 and 258 gifts from:

One again, thank you. Through the BSLCE, you're making the world a better place -- and changing students' lives.

My Friend Brian

Abby Eisner '18 met Brian two years ago. They've been friends ever since.

Since sophomore year, I've visited Brian twice a week at the Greater Waltham ARC, a home for adults with disabilities. 

Brian loves sitting and talking with Bentley students, because he worked in the cafeteria at Bentley when he was younger. We catch him up on campus life and he tells us what he's been up to. 

The connection is amazing. Some of the participants' families live far away, so there's a mutual excitement every day we walk into the room. 

The BSLCE has changed my life — it's my favorite part of Bentley! I really hope you'll donate.

Thank you!

Abby '18

2474 days ago by Caroline Cruise
Service-Learning Curriculum Challenges Students to Take a Bigger Role in Society

In my Environmental Management course, students learn to evaluate the risks of environmental catastrophes; when hazardous waste was going to be routed through Waltham, the city approached us to run a risk report. 

I've also helped students work on civic infrastructure and 4th-credit projects, like the redevelopments of Moody and Main Streets.

Bentley students are outstanding — grateful for everything you do and absolutely committed to making a difference. I hope you are, too.

Thank you for supporting the BSLCE,

Charlie Hadlock
Professor, Mathematical Sciences

2474 days ago by Caroline Cruise
Our First International Service-Learning Trip!

International Service-Learning exemplifies Bentley students' focus on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

Through BUIILD (Bentley Unites to Improve International Livelihood and Development), Service-Learning students have supported the community of Los Rios, Ecuador, for the past three years.

We're helping to bring clean water and medicine, sustainable agriculture, education and alternative income to this community. We've helped build a school and, working with students from around the world, a doctor's quarters. 

I never would have experienced the developing world at such a young age if it weren't for the BSLCE. We're the business leaders of the future; it's our responsibility to help every community. 

Thank you for helping us!
Joe Chiarelli '18
(right, pictured with Jake Mekin '17, founder of BUIILD)

Joe plans on working for the Special Olympics (where he volunteers at swim class on Saturdays) after Bentley.
"Giving back is my passion!"
2476 days ago by Caroline Cruise
Celebrating Service-Learning at WE Day

In September, BSLCE students and staff headed to WE Day in NYC to celebrate thousands of young people from across the nation who have incorporated service-learning into their lives!

It was incredibly impactful to be surrounded by 6,000+ change-makers and leaders all under one roof to celebrate a common cause: making the world a better place.

The BSLCE has given me opportunities I could never have imagined. 

Thank you so much to the 100 donors who helped us reach our goal in less than a day — you are incredible! 

I hope you'll make a gift to help us reach our next goal, which will support our programs and help us do even more to create change in our community.

Thank you!

Rachel '18
(bottom row, far right)

2476 days ago by Caroline Cruise
We Can't Believe We're Here!

At age 5, Katelyn '21 and Veronica '21 Ambrosio moved to Chesterbrook Gardens, a low-income housing community where Bentley Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (BSLCE) students mentor and inspire local kids. 

Now, the twins are at Bentley.

Advice on goals and relationships, bullying and health, empowerment ... We don't know where we'd be without our awesome Bentley mentors. 

Now, we're at Bentley — with our BSLCE family who helped us get here (Marcy! Shawndy! Leah!). We can't wait to follow in their footsteps for happy, bright futures.  

We've already joined the BSLCE as program managers! 

Please make a gift to help students like us reach for success.

Thank you!
Katelyn '21 and Veronica '21

2476 days ago by Caroline Cruise
How Does the BSLCE Work?

Our work, by the numbers:

3 Student Directors

manage 130 Program Managers

and 10 Student Committees

(think: mentoring, grant writing, etc.)

who coordinate 

1,000+ Student Volunteers

taking classes with 100 faculty members,

who incorporate Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

into their curriculum.

These students volunteer for

50 community partners

in 5 focus areas

(diversity, elders, poverty, sustainability and youth).

All of which makes us a national pioneer in service-learning

pedagogy, practice and programming.

Please consider supporting our work today!

2477 days ago by Caroline Cruise
How Can We Help the World?

Rachel Palumbo '18 has actively tried to answer this question her whole life. At Bentley, the BSLCE threw the door wide open to the possibilities: 

The kids at Prospect Hill, a low-income housing community, are my second family. When they see my face, they light up, and vice versa. For more than five semesters, I've taught them the skills and tools that will help them achieve their ideas of success.

I love helping them feel empowered.  

After Bentley, I plan to work at a nonprofit that focuses on youth education or early childhood development. Bentley’s taught me that social responsibility and financial success aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Will you be one of our first 100 donors and help us continue to make an impact? 

Thank you!
Rachel '18

2477 days ago by Caroline Cruise

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