Father Adrian Education Fund

This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Benedictine Schools of Richmond by clicking here!

There is still time to make your 2019-20 fiscal year-end gift.  Up to this point, ALL gifts to the Father Adrian Education Fund have been directed to our COVID-19 Cadet Relief Fund.   For the next 24 hours, you have another option, you can direct your new gift to our Hall of Valor. 

Just as the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted Benedictine, so has the loss of our beloved Fr. Adrian Harmening. With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to Fr. Adrian on May 18, 2020. But we are confident his spirit and legacy will live on through you and your support of the school he held so dear. There was nothing more important to Fr. Adrian than his service to God, his service to our country in the United States Navy during World War II, and his service to Benedictine and the boys. Your gift to our Hall of Valor will help honor the memory of Fr. Adrian along with all of our military veterans. 

Your gift today will celebrate the significant impact that Fr. Adrian had on Benedictine, and all those who had the privilege of knowing and loving him.

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Cadet Challenge

The Cadet Challenge reflects giving from Alumni, Parents
1956 1$1001.0%
1961 1$1001.0%
1962 1$5001.0%
1963 1$2001.0%
1964 1$1001.0%
1965 1$2501.0%
1969 1$5001.0%
1970 1$1001.0%
1974 1$2,5001.0%
1975 1$1001.0%
1976 2$3002.0%
1977 2$3,5002.0%
1979 1$2,5001.0%
1982 1$1001.0%
1989 1$2,0001.0%
1993 1$5001.0%
2005 1$2501.0%
2012 1$1,0001.0%
2016 1$251.0%
2018 1$251.0%
2021 2$3502.0%
2022 3$7853.0%

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53% Alumni

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16% Parents

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24% Friends

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3% Board Members

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9% Past Parents

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Donor list

P Anthony Nissley
Bernard Lange
Scott Huzek
Mike Goode
Richard Hendrick
Teresa Sanders
Lester Wagner
Stephen Tooker
Robert Gutowski
Lawrence & Elizabeth Fuccella
Richard and Dana Nahstoll
Richard Weiss
Bob Tichacek
Edward and Susan Breeden
Troy and Deidre Madres
Donald & Yvonne Gonzales
Aimee Staples
Deborah Landsnes
Deborah Jones
Herb Maddock
Matthew Bartholomew
Gary Powers
Jane Hamilton
Chris Whitlock
June Frick
Brian Lambert
Michael Hamilton
Ted Tremain
William Vinson
neal nichols
william jeffrey kuhn
Timothy Wright
David hulcher
Thomas McNally
Paul Galea
Bruce McDonald
Lori Schattner

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