COVID -19 | BCP Cadet Emergency Relief

This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Benedictine Schools of Richmond by clicking here!

Benedictine has responded to the pandemic crisis in remarkable fashion.  Teachers are teaching; Cadets are learning; progress is happening.   We have risen to the occasion through our robust embrace of distance learning and by keeping our students engaged and the Benedictine culture vibrant.  Yet, the COVID-19 outbreak continues to challenge Benedictine in new ways, creating both financial and educational obstacles for our Cadets and for our teachers.  Your gift today, and through the fiscal year (which ends on June 30), will address the unexpected and critical needs of our Cadets and our teachers through the newly created COVID-19 Cadet Emergency Relief effort.

  • Financial Aid:  Provide assistance for families who have been hit hardest by this scourge, with a goal of keeping Cadets at their beloved school.  We are aware of several families who are enduring employment insecurity or, in some cases, loss of some livelihood as a result of the virus. 
  • Technology:  Provide hardware, software and security upgrades for teachers to provide the best learning experience possible for their Cadets.    

“The generosity of the Benedictine community has always been impressive.  Now, as we ask you, a part of that family, to further extend its generosity, I have faith that our appeal will be greeted with strength.  This is a time for all of us to come together, particularly when we consider such a noble cause.”   - Jesse Grapes



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