Coach's Club Athletic Fundraiser 2021-22

34% of $200,000 goal
This campaign ends on June 30 at 12:00PM EDT

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A donation to the Coach's Club is charitable giving purely restricted to supporting enhancements to athletic programs and athletic facilities for both Benedictine and Saint Gertrude. 

This club has provided state-of-the-art scoreboards, a baseball batting cage, protective floor coverings for the new gym, a basketball shooting machine, new lockers for the gym, and hudl software for livestreaming games, uniforms for the softball team… just to name a few.

And this year, a couple things on our wish list includes a new outfield and warning track for the baseball field and much-needed repairs to the outdoor track.

Help us train our youth for success with a membership to our Coach’s Club! Be sure to check out the various levels of support which have a range of membership benefits.


Membership Levels

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Donor Map
Giving by Class YearThe Giving by Class Year reflects giving from BCP Alumni, SGHS Alumnae, BCP Parents, SGHS Parents
AffiliationDonors$ Raised%
BCP - 19672$1,2000.6
BCP - 19681$1,0000.5
BCP - 19742$1,1000.5
BCP - 19751$1,0000.5
BCP - 19791$1000.1
BCP - 19801$2000.1
BCP - 19851$2000.1
BCP - 19863$2,2001.1
BCP - 19901$2000.1
BCP - 19911$1,0000.5
BCP - 19921$2000.1
BCP - 20011$2000.1
BCP - 20041$2000.1
BCP - 20101$500.0
BCP - 20151$500.0
BCP Parent - 20141$2000.1
BCP Parent - 20191$2000.1
BCP Parent - 20202$12,2006.1
BCP Parent - 20213$9000.4
BCP Parent - 20229$12,7426.4
BCP Parent - 202311$4,4252.2
BCP Parent - 202411$3,8001.9
BCP Parent - 20259$5,2212.6
SGHS - 19731$1,0000.5
SGHS - 19751$1000.1
SGHS - 19821$2000.1
SGHS - 19862$1,2000.6
SGHS - 19881$2000.1
SGHS - 19901$2000.1
SGHS - 19921$5,0002.5
SGHS - 19971$2000.1
SGHS - 20201$2000.1
SGHS Parent - 20131$1,0000.5
SGHS Parent - 20151$2000.1
SGHS Parent - 20163$8,4004.2
SGHS Parent - 20182$8,2004.1
SGHS Parent - 20193$2,2001.1
SGHS Parent - 20211$2000.1
SGHS Parent - 20223$2,0501.0
SGHS Parent - 20233$5,4002.7
SGHS Parent - 20242$1,2000.6
SGHS Parent - 20252$8,2004.1
Most Recent Donors
Rafael Lugo photo
Rafael Lugo
Brian and Carey Ratlief photo
Brian and Carey Ratlief
Bob & Kim Michaux photo
Bob & Kim Michaux
Megan and Jay  Bonfili photo
Megan and Jay Bonfili
Shannon Garbett photo
Shannon Garbett
Chris and Dante  Carlisle photo
Chris and Dante Carlisle
Virginia Ann and Robert Loftin photo
Virginia Ann and Robert Loftin
Adam and Kylie Draucker Delta Temp Inc. photo
Adam and Kylie Draucker Delta Temp Inc.
Brent and Remy Thompson photo
Brent and Remy Thompson
John and Brandee Bevan photo
John and Brandee Bevan
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