Bucs All In 2022

56% of 400 Donor goal
This campaign ended on September 16, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Beloit College by clicking here!
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An Anonymous Donor1889 Council matched $25 for each donor, donating a total of $10,000
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An Anonymous DonorMark Castelan'11 gave $500 because 20 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorJoe Hall'01 gave $2,000 because 200 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorHal Mayer'64 gave $2,500 because 52 donors gave

Join us for the Bucs All In 2022 campaign for Beloit College Athletics!

As our student-athletes get back in their rhythm, they depend on our support as we return to the track, the court, the pool, and the field. All gifts made to the Bucs All In 2022 campaign support the general Beloit College Athletics Fund and help us keep our programs and recruiting competitive. Select your favorite Bucs sport(s) when you make your gift and see which team gives the most by checking the team leaderboard! Beloit College Bucs are really excited to be playing this year. They are All In. 

Thank you for being All In too!

How you can help:

  • Make a gift and help us reach our goal of 400 donors to support our Buccaneers. You can now make gifts using PayPal and with Venmo and ApplePay via your mobile device.
  • Create a matching gift or challenge to motivate other Beloiters to give.
  • Share the campaign and why you’re All In for Bucs on social media using #BucsAllIn and #BeloitCollege.
  • Follow us here, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for campaign updates.
  • Watch the team leaderboard for some fierce competition!
Have questions or need technical assistance? 
Call 800-331-4943 (toll free) or email Teresa Rhodes at rhodest@beloit.edu.
For gift questions please email gift@beloit.edu.

Thank you for being All In for Beloit Bucs!

Special Thanks
Beloiters, we thank you for supporting Bucs All In!

Our student-athletes really benefit from your generosity. We still have a few hours left, so let’s finish strong! And be sure to check back here after midnight to see our grand total. Thank you again! #BucsAllIn #BeloitCollege

PC: Noor Fatima’25 [Photo description: Bucs baseball players hold a sign that says, “Thank you for supporting Beloit College Athletics.”]

668 days ago by Katy Phillips
We just need 200 donors to unlock $2,000

We’re so close to 200 donors! Help us unlock another $2,000 by making a gift and sharing the campaign. Let’s keep going! You all are amazing! #BucsAllIn #BeloitCollege

[Photo description: Women's Track & Field athlete Rose Loos-Austin’23 running the Beloit Invitational]

668 days ago by Katy Phillips
1889 Council doubles down!

In addition to a game-changing $10,000 matching gift, the 1889 Council has doubled down on their support of the campaign with another $10,000 gift. Talk about being All In! Your generosity is incredible. Thank you! 

Photo credit: Maritza Silva‘26 [Photo description: Bucs soccer player Israel Zewdie’26 holds a sign saying, “Thank you for supporting Beloit College Athletics.”]

668 days ago by Katy Phillips
Thank you, Beloiters!

Thank you for a great first day for Bucs All In! The campaign ends tomorrow at midnight. Let’s keep up the momentum, Beloiters! #BucsAllIn

📷 Noor Fatima’25 [Photo description: Bucs football players hold a sign saying, “Thank you for supporting Beloit College Athletics.”]

669 days ago by Katy Phillips
New challenge for Bucs All In!

We just reached 100 donors—help unlock $2,500 when we get to 150 donors! Gifts of every size count and make a difference. Share the campaign and why you’re All In for Bucs on your social channels. Thank you for being All In! #BucsAllIn #BeloitCollege

669 days ago by Katy Phillips
60 gifts so far! Thank you, Beloiters!

We’re off to a great start for the Bucs All In campaign. We just hit 60 donors and Mark Castelan’11 will give $500 when we get to 80 donors. Thank you! Let’s go Bucs! #BucsAllIn #BeloitCollege

[Photo description: Thomas Kosakowski’23 throws a pitch.] PC: Nigel Duff'23

 #BucsAllIn #BeloitCollege

669 days ago by Katy Phillips

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