Believe in BFREE - 2019 Annual Fundraiser

This campaign ended on December 20, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education by clicking here!

Dear Friends and Family of BFREE,  

 The news relating to the state of our global environment is becoming more dismal each day: 70,000 fires raged this year in the Amazon, a shocking 29% decline in bird populations was reported in the US and Canada since 1970, 40% winter losses were reported by beekeepers in the US. With choices constantly being made at the expense of the environment, it is easy to lose hope and difficult to know how we as individuals can make lasting change and have a positive impact.

Originally, the 1,153-acre BFREE privately protected area was slated to become a banana farm – one of the most devastating monocultures in Central and South America. By acquiring the property and establishing BFREE in 1995, we saved key habitat. As the landscape in southern Belize changes, the BFREE privately protected area has become one of the last remaining refuges of lowland tropical forest adjacent to the Bladen Nature Reserve and the southern Maya Mountains - the rest is being cut down and destroyed. 

We believe what we are doing is working. Our staff and visitors regularly witness a tremendous diversity of wildlife – observed both on remote trail-cameras and during walks around the property.  The diversity and abundance of wildlife at BFREE is simply astounding. 

  • Over 300 species of birds, including 70 migrants, call BFREE home. 
  • Harpy eagles have been observed nine separate times in recent years, including three times in 2019.  
  • All five species of cats known in Belize are regularly seen and countless other mammal species including White-lipped peccaries, Tapirs, more than 50 species of bats, and so many others.  
  • Reptiles and amphibians exist in healthy populations including over 50 species of snakes, 20 species of lizards, seven species of turtles, the endangered Morelet’s crocodile, and over 25 species of amphibians. 
  • More than 20 species of fish are found in the Bladen river and aquatic habitats within the property. 
  • The butterflies, moths, insects and other invertebrates are simply too many to name.

This property and the conservation, research and educational activities BFREE conducts are having a significant impact. Our key areas of work, in addition to protected areas management, continue to be environmental educationscientific research, and sustainable agriculture. We are helping to save one of the last great rainforests left on earth and we are finding alternative ways for those who live in and around these forests to benefit from them.  

We believe you share BFREE’s passionate commitment to defend wildlands from destruction and wildlife from extinction. Together, we can make a difference.  

Will you please donate to our efforts today? 

In stewardship and conservation, 

The BFREE team 



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We have 15 limited edition 2020 Save the Hicatee Calendars to give away! These calendars were created for educational outreach purposes in Belize, however, the first 15 people to donate $25 today will receive one in the mail! Each calendar has seven full-color pages of artwork by Belizean students and seven full-color photos of hicatee along with fun facts each month!