Giving Day 2020

This campaign ended on October 28, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Beaches Chapel School by clicking here!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 is our first annual Giving Day! Here at Beaches Chapel School, our mission is to build a solid academic and Christian foundation so all students can reach their full potential. We are committed to making improvements in the classroom and around campus to provide the very best for our students. 

This day is all about giving to Beaches Chapel School and supporting these specific projects for our school. 

  • Athletics: New bleachers for the Impact Center
  • Development: New floors in the classrooms, industrial stove hood for kitchen
  • Fine Arts Department: Music stands, cajon drum, kiln
  • Library: eBooks for students
  • Lower School: Class set of iPads
  • Mission Trip: Help our students go to Costa Rica
  • Preschool: New floors, portable classroom
  • Upper School: Picnic tables with umbrellas, literature books 


Athletics 81$4,54527.0%
Lower School 61$2,90220.3%
Upper School 39$1,56013.0%
Preschool 33$2,05011.0%
Mission Trip 22$8057.3%
Fine Arts Department 19$1,1256.3%
Library 17$6095.7%
Development 11$6203.7%

Grade Leaderboard

The Grade Leaderboard reflects giving from Grades
11th 55$1,800
7th 42$625
4th 32$590
Preschool 28$1,755
1st 27$779
12th 27$1,300
9th 23$746
3rd 20$485
2nd 18$622
6th 17$655
10th 15$715
5th 13$615
K5 13$420
8th 5$140

Donor affiliations

56% Name of student

Show Name of student

87% Grades

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Donor list

Brooke Mendoza
Lucresha Forde Wilcox
Cassaundra Andreu
Sierra Homod
Phyllis Warren
Chris Ford
Erica Homod
Chloe Sheely
Dale and Christy Whitaker
Dina Nazarchuk
Olga Nazarchuk
Alyssa Whitaker
Dina Nazarchuk
Olga Nazarchuk
Dina Nazarchuk
Maksim Timoshchuk
Alvina Timoshchuk
Dina Nazarchuk
Andrey Timoshchuk
Michael Kell
Beth Vissman
Marina Kravtsov
Cameron Kell
Andrey Timoshchuk
Brandon Kell
David Warren
Max Kravtsov
Doug Maynard
Olga Nazarchuk
Brandon Berry
Roman Nazarchuk
Nabil El Aabdin
Roman Nazarchuk
carol Mabry
Savannah Stoughton
Bridge Ink Dial
Tracy Dial
Dan Fillion

No Matches
No Challenges

Any student that gets $10 or more donated on their behalf, will be able to get a treat from the ice cream truck.


Make sure to select a grade to designate your gift to, because the grade that gets the most donors will win a prize!