Get On Board

This campaign ended on November 24, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Beaches Chapel School by clicking here!

Help us raise money for a new bus for athletic transportation, field trips, and more! The bus is $75,000 and we are half way to our goal! We need everyone to "Get On Board" and help fund the new bus for our amazing students!

Money Raised by Grade

The Money Raised by Grade reflects giving from Grades
2nd 33$16,590
1st 17$2,475
3rd 6$1,710
8th 9$480
12th 10$357
4th 10$320
5th 7$118
6th 5$105
10th 3$50
11th 4$40
9th 1$20
Kindergarten 1$10
7th 1$10

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Oksana Nazarchuk
Oksana Nazarchuk
Evelina Nazarchuk
Samuel Nazarchuk Nazarchuk
Serena Tail
Elita Williams
Natalya Nazarchuk
Natalya Nazarchuk
Patrice Brier
Andrey Nazarchuk
Andrey Nazarchuk
Andrey Nazarchuk
Andrey Nazarchuk
Heather Frost
Wanda Sliwinski
Wanda Sluwinski
Johnny Vallejos
Heidi Brier
Makena Garrard
Courtney Proctor
Candice Flautt
Natalya Nazarchuk
Natalya Nazarchuk
Taisiya Timoshchuk
Taisiya Timoshchuk
Ruslan Timoshchuk
Ruslan Timoshchuk
Jose Parada
Madeleine Hamel
erica luzar
Erica Luzar
Tatyana Savitskaya
Robyn Terry
Corina Blakely
Rebecca Wilson Wilson
Donald Rogers
Jim Flautt
Michael Marino

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Every student that gets 10 donations will receive a dress down pass!