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Between 1975 and 2011, sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Simon’s Rock made a home in the modular, townhouse-style apartments on campus that came to be known as “the Mods.”

The Mods were an essential part of the Simon's Rock experience. In fact, Simon's Rock President Baird Whitlock sought to design the Mods in a way that would foster lasting friendships and a deeper sense of connection throughout the campus community.

Vacant since 2012, the Mods, currently in disrepair, are in need of a full-scale renovation.

Simon’s Rock is growing. The Mods, which were so important to so many of us, are spaces where students are empowered to build their own communities. We need to bring them back.

Our goal is to involve 250 donors in this ReMODel drive. Provided that we reach this goal, a generous challenge donor will contribute a $100 matching gift for each of these 250 donations. Please help!

Are you interested in discussing a principal contribution or leading a group gift effort to name a Mod unit, building, outdoor commons, or the village? Please contact Rich Montone at

Make a gift, earn a $100 match!

A generous challenge donor has agreed to make a $100 matching gift for every contribution to the ReMODel drive, provided that the campaign reaches its overall goal of receiving 250 gifts.

Maximize your impact and help Simon's Rock earn this $25,000 in challenge funds by making a contribution to ReMODel today (and encouraging your friends to do the same)!

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