By Ethan Percy

This campaign ended on August 21, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Baltimore City College by clicking here!

This summer we invite you to participate in an exciting fundraiser to support the Baltimore City College Boys Soccer Program for the next 3-5 years. I am proud to say that the number of players in the program has more than doubled in the last 4 years. The money raised in this campaign will provide our players with much needed upgrades to equipment, supplies, and new uniforms - replacing our four-year-old uniforms that don’t even say “City” or “Knights” on the front.

Your contribution to this campaign will help support the JV and Varsity programs as they continue to grow and improve. Please consider donating today and help our boys prepare for the future!



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3% Alumni

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27% Parents

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8% Faculty/Staff

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37% Friends

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Chris and Laura Doherty
Curtis Eshelman
Fans of Henry Bethell
Andrew Basoco
Brian Gallagher
Lynn Percy
Philip Gordon
Chris and Laura Doherty
Kirk Pruett and Amy Blair
Javier LaNaranja
Allyson Mattanah
Kim Poeppelmeier
Manny Nunez
Alan Rosenberg
Auntie Merri
Kyoko Fujiwara and Tim Fowler
Allyson & Lawson Gustave
Christina Blythe
Joseph Hardin
NancyE Hardin
NancyE Hardin
Stephanie & Bill Regenold
Andre d'Avignon
Linda d'Avignon
Aleeza Oshry
Charley MacMartin
Joanna Steele
Redett Family
Sarah Gannett
Martha Holleman and Jim French
Anna Muher
Sonya and Peter Kannam
Junko Fujiwara

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