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Last Spring, Augsburg Day Student Government passed the Carbon Neutrality Resolution to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2030. Passing this resolution means that Augsburg is committed to cutting our fossil fuel energy in half by 2030 and have solar Energy account for 50% of all on-campus electricity use by 2025. The Environmental Action Committee (EAC) plans to meet these expectations passed by ADSG by holding the University accountable to becoming a carbon neutral campus. The allocated funds collected from the student Green Fee goes towards the EAC budget, most of which is used to fund our Auggie Metro passes. This leaves little to no funds left in our budget to fulfill the sustainability needs on campus. To begin our transition to solar energy on campus, we will need to hire a professional solar consultant who can help us to renovate our power management practices. Installing solar panels on campus will strengthen the commitment Augsburg has to reaching carbon neutrality and honoring the Dakota land our campus is built on. By switching to solar, we are reducing the amount of pollution our campus already is creating by cutting down the air pollution created from fossil fueled energy. Reducing air pollution is beneficial to our air quality as well as the environment surrounding Augsburg. In this practice of sustainability, Augsburg would set the example for its students of implementing green practices in institutions. The students on the EAC also set the example for other students of the impact we can make when we use our voices. By installing solar panels on campus, Augsburg will have made a stride in the direction of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 as well as meeting the sustainability needs of students on campus.

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