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We need funds to provide support for laboratory supplies to two new Augsburg Physics Faculty as they start their research careers at Augsburg.  Professors Moumita Dasgupta and Jeff Walter are establishing research programs to involve students in cutting edge research and answer fundamental questions about magnetism and the swimming of microorganisms.  This type of experimental work always costs money.  Help support Jeff and Moumita.  Every dollar we raise, up to $10,000, can be matched my Minnesota NASA Space Grant funds to support student work in Jeff and Moumita's lab.

Thank You and Notes from Jeff and Moumita

Dear Alumni, Friends, Faculty,

As we head into this holiday break I am deeply grateful for your support of our physics department.  Drs. Dasgupta and Walter are off to a great start in building sustainable research programs which will help new Auggies gain the experiences they need to shape their own careers.

Here are a couple of brief messages from Jeff and Moumita:

Best wishes this Thanksgiving.  I am deeply grateful for the community that Augsburg provides to its students.  Thank you for your support and contributions to our students and department.

Ben Stottrup
Augsburg Physics

1275 days ago by Ben Stottrup
Thank you so much! We have reached out goal with a few hours to spare.


Thank you so much!  With just a few hours to go we have already passed our goal!  Amazing, I am deeply grateful to be part of the Augsburg Physics community.  

Feel free to forward the link to our site, who knows... maybe we hit 150%

Thank you all so much for your generosity,


1281 days ago by Ben Stottrup

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