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We are the Pan-Asian Students Services at Augsburg University and we are so thrilled to share with you our personal statement for Give to The Max. As Augsburg students we are truly grateful for this opportunity that not only helps enable us to bring more resources to those Pan-Asian identified but all students on campus. 

Augsburg University is currently ranked as #414 out of #2,475 colleges of diversity in the nation. Augsburg's Pan-Asian population currently only stands at 9.7% of undergraduate students which is equivalent to over 200 out of 2,000 students and 4.3% in staff which is equivalent to 30 out of 700 faculty members. At Augsburg university we see that a lot of the Pan-Asian community goes unnoticed with their work, cultural diversity, representation, and not having enough sources to add contributions to help those outside our community. Nowhere on campus do we have a space for students to create and be able to showcase their identity, it all relies on the few events that we are able to have throughout the year. There are not enough given resources or Pan-Asian representation on campus which compels us to be unable to provide for all the different Pan-Asian ethnicities especially the smaller populated ethnicities at Augsburg. 

Why We Need Your Support

We've noticed that every year the population of Pan-Asian students enrolling at Augsburg continues to grow and they tend to join alongside us in some of  our Student Organizations such as the Augsburg Asian Student Association and Hmong Women Together. Every year our Organizations and programs go through the dilemma of not being able to give more to our students whether it be field trips, academic materials, financial support, spaces for our students to use or public speakers. It is due to the fact that the funding provided is not enough to accommodate the majority of our Pan-Asian students, therefore we are held back from exploring new ways to help make our community grow. With your support and help we can fixate our school to recognize our Pan-Asian Students properly, increase cultural diversity, showcase our Pan-Asian representation, and have enough resources to aid ourselves to show the world that we are here and we want to help everyone else within our Augsburg community. 

Pan-Asian Student Services Mission Statement: 

To provide support services and opportunities for all Augsburg students, with an emphasis on Pan Asian students, that will engage students in transformative, lifelong learning and develop life skills in consideration of cultural context which complement their academic experience through co-curricular involvement and civic engagement.

Thank You Supporters!

Dear Alumni’s, Students, Families, Faculty/Staff, & Friends!

We want to thank you so much for helping us raise money and spread word of our Pan-Asian Students Scholarship campaign for Augsburg University’s Give to The Max Day! We were able to raise a total of $4,680 and It is because of you all that we are more capable of providing for our Pan-Asian students. As promised, we will use these donations and contribute to off campus events, academic materials, financial support, access to bring in more public speakers, find ways to increase cultural diversity, create Pan-Asian representation on campus and much more. Our Pan-Asian Department, the Augsburg community, students, PASS Director and I appreciate all your efforts and your miraculous support. 

Thank you for showing us how much you care about our Auggie students and the Pan-Asian Students Scholarship

Please watch our LIVE Thank you video from our Pan-Asian Students!


Sienna Skye Lee

1275 days ago by Pan-Asian
Shared Experience

Please watch this video from one of Augsburgs previous Student Alumni's

Shared Experience from a Student Alumni

1281 days ago by Pan-Asian
Today is the Last Day!

Hello! We want to give a big thank you to everyone who has donated and helped support our campaign! So far we were able to receive a total of $3,420 out of our $5,000 goal! We are so close! With today being the last day to donate to our Pan-Asian Student Scholarship, the Augsburg Pan-Asian students ask that you please share and spread word of our campaign in hopes to reach our goal! We have graciously received an anonymous $500 matching donation and we need your help! Repost the link and help us reach our goal

1281 days ago by Pan-Asian

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