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Give to the Max Day 2021
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For Give To The Max 2021, the Pan-Asian Students Service department of Augsburg University would like to ask you for your support and consider donating to our campaign. Your donations will help fund the Asain Students In Action (ASIA) scholarship in the Pan-Asian Student Service department. This scholarship goes specifically towards Pan-Asian-identified students. This scholarship helps provide support and financial stability to our students so that they are able to focus on their education. Funding also goes towards the programs that we have here in the Pan-Asian Student Service department. A program that we have is called the Mentor and Mentee program. Where we have students, who were previously a mentee, be a mentor to new students at Augsburg University. Most of our mentors are also students who have received the ASIA scholarship demonstrating their needs and engagement on Augsburg's campus. Their role is to help guide new students at Augsburg to success by being a resource and a friend in what might be a foreign environment. 

Your donations also go towards funding events and activities to keep our students engaged as they continue their college journey. One event is our monthly meetings with our students to keep them informed about current and ongoing events. One of the more recent events was the rise in Asian hate crimes that occurred during the pandemic lockdown of last year. During that time, we saw an influx of Asian hate crimes in our community. That made our students feel as if they were not safe in the same city that they had grown up in their whole life. Dealing with hate crimes is no easy task but, with your donations, we can create more events and host discussions to help support our students and teach them techniques to deal with hate crimes.

Please consider donating so that we, the Pan-Asian Student Service department, can keep making an impact here at Augsburg University for our students. Your donations help make the ASIA scholarship a reality, along with providing support for current and future Pan-Asian students at Augsburg. 

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