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Once again, 2021 has been an unprecedented year, but our students are resilient!  Even under the restrictions of the pandemic, our Biology students are actively pursuing their studies and engaging in research within the department.  Funds collected on Give to the Max Day have a long history of supporting students who are ineligible for other funding sources. These research efforts allow students to gain insights and knowledge that can only come from conducting independent research.  Over the past five years, Give to the Max Day funds have supported 10 different student research projects, and provided supplemental supply funds for dozens more.  The money raised last year on Give to the Max Day provided research supplies for seven different students - each conducting independent, faculty-mentored research.  This Fall, Give to the Max Day Funds are providing research stipends for two students who are continuing the research they started this summer.

2019 Scholarship recipient, Maxwell Bannister describes the values of his research experience below:

"Research in Dr. Leon van Eck's lab taught me more in 5 months about the scientific process than any class. Science, I am learning, is a practice. In school, it at first appears that theory dominates. However, research is teaching me that real scientific discovery results from strategic, even creative work. In the lab, theory only gets you so far. You are exploring where no one else has. I am doubtful that any lecture could have invoked this new perspective. As a result, I am driven to comprehend in my classes - not merely for the grade, but to expand a repertoire to call on when I am the one asking the questions."

The photos below only show snapshots of the great research questions our students are striving to answer with your generosity.  This year we are hoping to raise $10,000 to support this thriving research program, and to support our next generation of scientists!

Professor Matt Beckman and his 2021 research students visit with Augsburg Alum, Olivia Fitch '19 (third from left) during a June lab meeting.

Student Todd Fairbanks, '21, paddles with the Beckman research lab on the Minneapolis chain of lakes collecting freshwater invertebrates.

Jordi Johnson, '21, and Professor Emily Schilling are studying the life history and migration of darner dragonflies.

Justin Holewa, '23, works with Professor Leon van Eck studying genetic resistance to aphids in barley.

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