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This campaign ended on November 16, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Augsburg University by clicking here!

THANK YOU for helping us raise over $10,000 in 2017! The money raised in 2017 provided a stipend and material expenses for two student researchers in the Biology Department. Funds collected on Give to the Max Day are dedicated to supporting students who are ineligible for other funding sources. These research efforts allow students to gain insights and knowledge that can only come from conducting independent research. Continued research efforts often lead to presentations or publications in their field.

"I had the opportunity to continue my research project on the phenology of the Canada Darner dragonfly (Aeshna canadensis).  Now, I'm working on writing a paper to be submitted for publishing to journals such as Freshwater Science or American Midland Naturalist." - Maia Crews-Erjavec, 2018 GTTMD Scholarship Recipient

"Through my third summer of research, I was able to continue my project, mentor new research students in our lab, and learn cutting edge technology called qPCR.   I hope other students have this same opportunity to continue their work and share knowledge with new lab members." -Olivia Fitch, 2018 GTTMD Scholarship Recipient

The ongoing generosity of our donors allows this research program to thrive.   This year, with your help, we are hoping to raise $10,000 to support this thriving research program. 

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