AIS Day of Caring

This campaign ended on March 31, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Atlanta International School by clicking here!

Social distancing has Atlanta International School's students, families, faculty and staff learning and working from our homes. However, our community is making the best of these times and creating meaningful, relevant and engaging opportunities to connect with one another around our shared mission – to educate our children so they may become the courageous leaders we need.

AIS’s ability to rapidly respond in this way comes down to the talents, flexibility and resources that we can avail ourselves of from within our community. One of our greatest resources that has allowed AIS to move quickly to virtual learning is our Eagles Fund.

Indeed, annual gifts of all amounts have provided unrestricted, flexible funding to ensure AIS can meet the needs of our students, families and faculty. Going forward, the Eagles Fund will be vitally important as we face economic uncertainty and plan accordingly to keep our community together, especially leveraging funds for our need-based financial aid program.

The Day of Caring on Tuesday, March 31 is a way to personally demonstrate care for the AIS community through unrestricted financial support so that AIS can continue to respond to the ever-changing needs of our students and their learning.

The AIS community always rises to every challenge, and, now as ever before, there are no exceptions.

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52% Parents

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15% Alumni

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4% Grandparents

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7% Friends

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31% Faculty/Staff

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Donor list

Henri Lucas Fischer
Ernesto Gianella
Rob Warren
Olivia & Luc MATHIOT
John R Accardi
Franklin Abbott
Capiz Calloway
Christiane and Alan Box
George Kilian Fischer
Drenita Williams-Garner
Maria Voutos and Tina Clark
Rashan A. Smith
Paul Saeger
Reid Preston Mizell
Jacinta J Williams
Joanne Justice
Patty Webb
Michelle and Clint Jones
Elizabeth and Arthur CLEMENT
Paul Seefried
Nicole Dancz
Jianzhong Huang
Pierrette Maillet
Leonard R Matheny
Dr. Jonna and Christian Struwe
Val Lemoine
Meg Watts
Christy and Duncan McCreery
Bonnie C Watkins

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