Bridge Changes Lives - A Match Campaign with Téa Leoni

By Antioch University

This campaign ended on June 01, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Antioch University by clicking here!

I’m supporting Antioch University’s Bridge Program and I’d like to share my thoughts with you…

I think that when we peel back the onion to find the solution at the core of all the various problems that we face in our communities and around the world, there it is:  Education.  I believe that education can transform us as individuals and as a community, it informs our ability to think outside the box, to think critically and rationally, to communicate and compromise and contribute to our own and others’ well-being.  And, of course, that’s just the obvious stuff.

The Bridge Program, offered through Antioch University, offers free college courses to adults who might not otherwise have access to higher education.

Bridge students are recruited from communities with numerous barriers to continuing education.  They are an entirely diverse group, people of different ages, with different stories, backgrounds, races, religions, beliefs and experiences.  They come together in this community to study the humanities, literature, art, philosophy, writing, and community work.

There are three qualifications for a student to attend Bridge:

  • They must have an income within 200% of the federal poverty level
  • They have to be able to read a newspaper in English (since the courses are taught in English)
  • They have to be at least 18 years old, (students range from 18 to 80!)

And here’s what they don’t need: a high school diploma, a computer, money for books and transportation - or anything else that would prohibit them from coming to school.

I was introduced to Bridge through my friend, Cindy, who has taught in the program and who has herself been totally inspired by the students’ enthusiasm, gratitude and commitment to their education.  (By the way, almost 70% reported that they continued formal education after finishing Bridge!)  I saw in my friend the change that the program can inspire in everyone who is involved – and it prompted me to help.  These are free college courses for adults who are the least likely to ever afford the opportunity, but for whom the experience could have the greatest impact.

This is a unique and critical program, and this month I will be matching contributions up to $30,000.

If you agree with me – if you believe that education has the power to change lives – join me.  Every dollar you donate helps to continue and expand The Bridge Program so that we can change peoples’ lives through education.

To learn more about the Bridge Program, please click here.

Tea Leoni

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Don’t let transportation costs be a barrier to education - provide bus fare for one student to attend a day of classes.


Give a student the tools they need for success - provide one student with school supplies such as binders, notebooks, and writing supplies, as well as readings, resources, and tools for academic support in and out of the classroom.


Allow access to the tools necessary for learning - provide one student with all textbooks for one quarter.


Enable communication between students - provide English and Spanish-English dictionaries for classroom use for the entire program, at all four sites, for the year.

DONATE $2,000

Bring in talented and experienced educators - provide instruction for one class for one quarter for 30 students (Bridge instructors are all university-level professors).

DONATE $4,500

Change the lives of 5 students - provide five students with everything that they need to graduate from the Bridge Program.