2018 End-of Year Challenge

This campaign ends on January 1 at 12:59AM EST

BONUS $10,000 Challenge!  

Alumna and trustee Mari-Anne Hechmann '91 was so excited that we met Mary Beth's end-of-year challenge of 150 donors so quickly that she has created her own challenge.

When 100 additional supporters make a gift, Mari-Anne will donate $10,000!

Every gift, no matter the size, counts! Don’t wait to make your year-end gift today!

First Challenge Met!

Mary Beth Berkes ’75 is so excited for Alverno’s future that she’s challenging Alverno alumnae, students, faculty, staff and friends to show up in a big way this year.

When 150 supporters make a gift by Dec. 31, Mary Beth will donate $25,000 to help launch Alverno’s new initiatives.

How will your year-end gift make a difference? Your generosity this holiday season will  

  • Empower the women Alverno serves to achieve their educational, professional and personal goals
  • Benefit our entire community, particularly in the areas of nursing and health care, urban education, mental health and women’s leadership
  • Ensure better leadership in our communities through Alverno graduates
  • Help launch new initiatives that benefit students and our entire community

Every gift, no matter the size, counts!

The deadline is Dec. 31. Don’t wait to make your year-end gift today!



Donor affiliations

75% Alumni

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1% Students

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2% Parents

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13% Faculty/Staff

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13% Friends

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Donor list

Ellen Gardner
Yesica S Desarden
Mary Ann Sikorski
Dorothy L Fiorino
Melanie JorgensonMelanie Jorgenson photo
Barbara A. Moehrlin
debra jupka
Dennis Axelson
Lynn Molenda
Joan Jacobsen
Brad Duckworth
Cathryn E Woods
Patrice Wessel Elacqua
Carol Skornicka
Cathy Spath
Michael Greif
Karla Ashenhurst
Judy Williamson
karen Nehls
suzanne wodek
Kathleen KellerKathleen Keller photo
Nancy Haddad
Gail Prohaska
Arlene M. Feiner
Susette M Ford
Tia D Vernon
Sharon L Carlson
Justin Juley
Natalie White
Mary Devitt
Mary F Grimes
Sara, A, Shutkin
Mary E. Staten
Joyce E Noonan
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Colleen White photoColleen White matched $25
Mari-Anne Hechmann will give $10,000 if 100 donors give in the next 17 days
67 donors so far, 33 to go!

Heidi Jeter photoHeidi Jeter gave $25
Ann photoAnn gave $25 because 25 donors made a gift in 41 days.